The Uglion High Ruler is a leader of an aggressive group of malevolent aliens called Uglions from the deepest pocket of space. He appears as the main antagonist of the Sam & Max episode "Sam and Max Vs. The Uglions".

He was voiced by Tony Daniels.


In the aforementioned episode, the Uglion High Ruler, along with his guards appear on Earth under the seeming guise of peace and free trade. It and its minions run a restaurant called The Frying Saucer and serve meals to the general public. However, Geek soon discovers that Uglions under High Ruler's command are really harvesting and freezing humans as a food source. (Of course, the Uglions were not hiding their belligerent side well as seen with an Uglion waiter that shoots a screaming woman while trying to assure Geek that all is well.) Geek saves Max who was about to be duped and be taken by one of Uglion waiters after a bit of struggle. Realizing something is very odd, Sam and Max, along with Geek, storms off the UFO 'restaurant'.

Sam, Max, and the Geek reach the local military base and find out the conspiracy that the military had summoned the Uglions so they could justify their overspending on weapons. After having a time travelling involving an apocalyptic future of Earth decimated by Uglions ruled by The High Ruler, The three manage to return to their present time and defeat Uglions and their leader by altering their appearance with zits so as to scare off the crowds. Their mission failed and their captured humans lost, the Uglions flee with sickness.

The Final Episode

The Uglion High Ruler appears as one of Mack Salmon's collective of villains in the final episode to exact revenge on Sam and Max. It is nevertheless defeated and tossed out of airplane along with the rest of baddies (except Mack Salmon) in one fell swoop. It does not possess too many screen times, as the final episode deals primarily with flashbacks and back and forth slapstick moments.


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