Uhr is a member of the Time Jackers and a major antagonist in Kamen Rider Zi-O. He is the youngest of the Time Jackers and, like his companions, seeks to dethrone Oma Zi-O in the future with his own candidate for King.

He is portrayed by Rihito Itagaki.


Traveling to the year 2017, Uhr found a basketball player who was about to be hit by a car and stopped time, offering to save the player in exchange for him accepting an Another Watch. The player accepted and Uhr gave him the Watch, which he used to transform into Kaijin Rider Another Build.

When Sougo and Geiz teamed up with Kamen Rider Build and Cross-Z, Uhr froze time again leaving the latter two frozen in place and warns them not to interfere with his mission to alter time to replace Sougo with a new king. He goes on to say that he is doing the basketballer a favor as by altering time he is saving life from him dying by being hit by a car. However, Sougo replies by telling Uhr that he is simply manipulating someone's life for his own gain and that a person's fate and destiny should be their own.

Following this, Uhr had a conversation with his fellow Time Jacker Ora about whether Kamen Rider Zi-O could pose a threat to their plans before Ora went off to create Another Ex-Aid.

After the destruction of Another Ex-Aid though, Uhr got into an argument with Ora before Sworz came in and interrupting them by freezing time. He condescendingly offered Uhr chocolate before telling them that the events set to lead to Oma Zi-O were still set to happen and that they must alter time so it flows to suit their own desires. After Sworz left, Uhr expressed frustration at being looked down upon by him.

Uhr later approached Hayase, a stagehand of a failing theatre, and froze time as the stagehand tripped over a light in order to make his proposition to him. Uhr commented that Hayase would be out of a job soon but that he could help him if he used the power of Kamen Rider Wizard to change history. Hayase accepted the deal and took the Wizard Anotherwatch, using it to become Another Wizard.

Following the defeat of Another Wizard, Uhr and Ora bickered over whose fault it was, with Uhr blaming it on the user of the Wizard Anotherwatch being weak. Sworz then appeared and reminded them that Oma Zi-O had conquered time by having ambitions and never losing doubt in his destiny to become king, causing Uhr and Ora to realize they had to choose candidates with an actual desire to become king.

As Woz approached the Time Jackers in a bar, Uhr reacted with outrage at an ally of Oma Zi-O meeting them, but Woz told the three he sought to ally with them in order to get timeline back on track, as it had been altered by Geiz. Woz tells the three that they all have a common interest in stopping Geiz before he can alter the flow of time more and convinces the three Time Jackers to ally with him.

Uhr later appeared before a man named Makimura as some steel bars were tumbling towards his sister Mika and froze time before they could hit her. Uhr offered to give Makimura the power of the Ghost Ridewatch which he could use to save Mika but Makimura refused, telling the Time Jacker he would not work with an evil person and that he would save Mika with his own strength. Uhr then unfreezes time and Makimura manages to push Mika away before the steel beams hit her, only to be hit by them instead. Uhr then forcibly inserts the Ghost Anotherwatch onto him, turning him into Another Ghost.

Having been told by Tsukasa Kadoya of the existence of Dark Shinji, Uhr finds him in the Mirror World and gives him a Ridewatch that the Mirror Shinji uses to become Another Ryuga.

Uhr was later used by Sworz to test out the powers of the Kikai Ridewatch he had found, being forcibly transformed into Another Kikai.



  • In etymology, "Uhr" means "clock" in German. An alternate spelling of his name, Heure, means "time" and "hour" in French.


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