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Ukyo is the adopted heir to Ayamaro. His shielded and pampered lifestyle leaves him with a self-centered yet playful attitude on life, which is really a cover for a rather calculating, manipulative and cruel personality. He is later revealed to be the 49th clone of the Emperor and after surviving a three-day ordeal of constant questioning, Ukyo is proclaimed heir to the throne. He then murders the emperor to succeed him and launches a plan to pit the villagers, samurai and bandits against one another to consolidate his control. His plan ultimately fails because of the Samurai and he dies falling down a cliff together with the capital, near Kanna bridge.


Ukyo acts in a very pleayful manner, but it is all just a superficial front for his malevolent nature.  While he initially seems very charming and fairly harmless, Ukyo reveals more and more over the course of the series that he has a callous disregard for virtually everyone else's life but his own. Among other examples, he is revealed to have killed the Imperial Envoy for virtually no reason other than to set up a complex gambit that would get his adoptive father removed from his position, views his own harem as replaceable objects, and by the same toke, sees Kirara as a treasure to add to his collection against her will, rather than a person entitled to make her own choice.

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