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We are all Kosh.
~ Ulkesh after his arrival on B5

Ulkesh Naranek was a villain from the Babylon 5 television series.

As with Kosh Ulkesh was voiced by Ardwight Chamberlain and his encounter suit was operated Jeffrey Willerth.

Unlike Kosh the slightly younger Ulkesh did not care much for the younger races, feeling that they were little more than cannon fodder to be used against the Shadows.

In 2245 Ulkesh and Kosh secretly re-established contact with the Minbari leader Dukhat. After Dukhat's death the two Vorlons helped guide Delenn in the closing days of the Earth-Minbari war. When Delenn asked how to put a stop to the war before it was too late Ulkesh told her the truth pointed to itself.

After the Earth-Minbari war Ulkesh became the Vorlon ambassador to Minbar, residing on the planet and working with the Anla'Shok. When Entil'zha Jeffrey Sinclair left to go to Babylon 5 for the last time Ulkesh told Rathenn that Sinclair was the closed circle.

When Kosh was killed by Shadows following a Vorlon attack on the Shadows, the Vorlon government requested John Sheridan and Delenn keep the death a secret. Ulkesh went to Babylon 5, and despite the different encounter suit presented himself as Kosh to the people on the station.

After Sheridan went to Z'ha'dum the Vorlons decided to exterminate all the worlds that had any trace of a Shadow presence. Ulkesh remained on Babylon 5 to spy on the Army of Light. Upon Sheridan's return Sheridan decided Ulkesh needed to leave Babylon 5 one way or the other.

Drawing Ulkesh out into the open, the B5 security forces engaged Ulkesh in combat. They were soon reinforced by the last remants of Kosh, who dragged the other Vorlon outside the station, where they both exploded.

Ulkesh's ship was apparently destroyed in combat between the two Vorlons but it managed to rebuild itself over the next couple years. After Captain Ivanova took command of EAS Titans the ship took up residence in a hanger bay on her ship to prevent Shadow technology buried in the ship from taking over the Titans.

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