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I see you in Wenja softblood home.

Now you walk Udam land. Udam sick with skull fire. Udam die here. Maybe Ull feed you to Udam. Softblood flesh make Udam strong. Then Ull destroys Wenja softbloods.

~ Ull, as Takkar is imprisoned

Ull is one of the primary antagonists of the 2016 Ubisoft game Far Cry Primal. He is a brutal and reviled warchief who after surviving the Ice Age, he and his tribe descended to cannibalism and are now determined to survive, including wiping out the entire Wenja and Izila clans so his own people could live. Though he was undeniably insane he also showed an amount of love for his two children, and wanted them to survive.

He was voiced by DeLaRosa Rivera.



Based on Dah's confession and a vision from Tensay's concoction, it can be assumed that Ull sucumbed to the same disease that the rest of the Udam did. The disease was believed to be genetic, a result of generations worth of inbreeding. Desperate for a cure for his tribe and his family, Ull tried many things including worshiping a small stone statue. However at some point in time, he realized that the Wenja were healthy and thought that eating their flesh would provide them relief and so began their continuous assault on the Wenja.

Far Cry Primal

Ull was first seen during an attack on the Wenja village. Takkar's attempt to attack him resulted in the Wenja Warrior being grabbed in an instant. Ull stated his intention in an intimidating fashion before ordering his men to massacre the villagers. After driving out the Udam, Takkar promises a traumatised Sayla to kill Ull and collect his ears.

Takkar plans to attack Ull's home. In the process however, he is ambushed and knocked out. When he awakens Ull's daughter is poking Takkar with a stick. Ull demonstrating his cold nature murders another prisoner who was causing a distraction. He mocks Takkar before walking away with his daughter, granting the Wenja the chance to escape.

After returning to Udam land, Takkar engages in a brutal right with Ull, using his weapons, beasts, and even enviromental objects to take down the Udam Warchief until he finally sucumbs to his injuries. When he is badly injured Ull rushes to his newborn son before telling Takkar to protect his children and dies peacefully. Takkar respectfully tells Ull's spirit to walk free.


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