Hearts, you say? You humans are always so quick to speak of such things. As though you carry your hearts in the very palms of your hands. But this eye of mine perceives all. There is nothing that it overlooks. If this eye cannot see a thing, then it does not exist. That is the assumption under which I have always fought. What is this "heart"? If I tear open that chest of yours, will I see it there? If I smash open that skull of yours, will I see it there?
~ Ulquiorra Cifer to Orihime Inoue.
I see. So this is it. It lies here within this palm. The heart.
~ Ulquiorra Cifer's last words

Ulquiorra Cifer is a major antagonist from the anima/manga series Bleach. He is an Arrancar that served as the 4th Espada in Aizen's army.

Ulquiorra is very unique among the Arrancars in which he displays signs of nihilism and often questions his own existence. As a result, he can come across being emotionless and display little to no regard for any form of life.

He was voiced by Daisuke Namikawa in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Tony Oliver in the English dubbed version of the anime.


Ulquiorra is an extremely cold and callous individual with a very brooding and indifferent attitude, willing to kill both enemies and comrades that get in his way. He refers to anyone he finds uninteresting as trash, fully expendable but is not extremely violent unlike other Espada. Ulquiorra does not believe in human emotions, which he calls the "heart" and reasons if he can't see it, it doesn't exist. His unfriendly attitude lets him stay completely calm and he is never easily surprised or caught off guard. Ulquiorra doesn't comprehend a human's trait of fighting even against all odds as seen when he angrily shouted at Ichigo "that continuing to fight is pointless".

He is also extremely knowledgeable and cunning, demonstrating the ability to easily figure out how a person's powers work. Ulquiorra seems somewhat demanding as well, seen when he made Orihime eat a meal brought to her, even threatening to force food down her throat or strap her down and feed her via IV. This shows that while Ulquiorra doesn't like getting his hands dirty, he's capable of doing inhumane things without any remorse. Unlike most other Arrancar, he accepted death, while most others died cursing their enemies or showing fear of death. Ulquiorra also very rarely changes his facial expression, keeping a very melancholic expression most of the time.



Hollow ulquiorra

Ulquiorra's Hollow form.

As a Hollow, Ulquiorra constantly felt alone in the world, because of his white coloring while all those around him were black in color. As he wandered Hueco Mundo, depressed and hating himself, he found a strange white tree covered in sharp spikes. Ulquiorra was drawn to its emptiness, and allowed himself to sink into it, finding peace and destroying part of his mask. At some point later, he was recruited by Aizen to join the Espada.

Assault on Karakura Town

Ulquiorra and Yammy2

Ulquiorra in the human world with Yammy.

Ulquiorra went to Karakura Town in the human world, accompanied by Yammy Llargo in order to get information on Ichigo Kurosaki. Upon arriving, Yammy became uneasy, believing that the people who'd gathered around the crater were staring at him. The 10th Espada proceeded to use his Gonzui to suck out the souls of the people, only to find they tasted disgusting. Ulquiorra asked him why he expected the souls to taste good when they were so weak and explained the humans couldn't see them. Yammy asked who they were supposed to kill and Ulquiorra told him that they only had to kill one person.

The 10th Espada said that it'd be hard to find just one person, but the 4th Espada said that there were only three people in the human world strong enough to fight Aizen's forces. After Chad and Orihime arrived, Ulquiorra watched as Yammy quickly dispatched Chad, snapping his arm in places and attacked Orihime. However the two Arrancar were surprised by her demonstrating her Soten Kisshun to protect herself and then her Santen Kesshun technique to heal Chad. Ulquiorra wondered if it was a healing technique, but realized it was something else, more like time reversal and spatial renewal, not simple healing and noted Orihime was quite strange. Ulquiorra looked on as she attacked Yammy with Koten Zashun, only for him to easily block it.


Ulquiorra and Yammy being confronted by Ichigo.

The 10th Espada asked what they should do with Orihime and the 4th Espada told him just to kill her. However Ichigo arrived and stopped Yammy, who asked Ulquiorra if this was the person they were looking for. The 4th Espada said he was, stating Yammy's lack of subtlety had finally drawn him out. Ulquiorra then watched with fake surprise as Ichigo easily blocked the 10th Espada's attack and cut his arm off. Yammy angrily continued to fight the Shinigami, as Ulquiorra looked on, noting his cohort's problem of just charging into battle, despite the 4th Espada having constantly told him to read his opponents more.

He also noted that though he was surprised Ichigo was able to cut through Yammy's Hierro, especially since he attained Bankai only a short while ago. Ulquiorra was also surprised that his spirit energy was so solid, but reasoned that Ichigo was of no threat to Aizen at his current power. As Yammy struggled to defeat Ichigo, Ulquiorra asked if he wanted him to step in, but the 10th Espada angrily told him to shut up and drew his Zanpakuto and the 4th Espada asked if it was necessary. Ulquiorra watched as Yammy brutally beat Ichigo (who was disabled at the time by Zangetsu) and noted the Shinigami's power was fluctuating wildly, quite weak when at its lowest but higher than his own at its highest. However Ichiho was saved by Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihoin and Yammy fought the two only to be easily overwhelmed.

Ulquiorra hits Yammy

Ulquiorra punching Yammy.

He was about to be struck by an energy blast from Urahara, when Ulquiorra stepped in and deflected it. He proceeded to deliver a punch to Yammy's stomach, scolding his foolishness and saying that in his current state, he wouldn't win no matter how hard he tried. Ulquiorra opened a Garaganta, saying they were heading back, and Yourichi asked him if they were running away. However the 4th Espada just responded by saying making taunts was foolish and if they were to fight while protecting the others, it would be obvious who the winner would be. Ulquiorra left, saying he was done with his mission and he could tell Aizen that Ichigo was nothing more than trash.

Preparing the Next Move

Ulquiorra eye dust

Ulquiorra crushing his eye to show his comrades what he had seen.

After Ulquiorra and Yammy returned to Hueco Mundo, they went to a gathering of Arrancar, where Aizen asked them to give their report. The 4th Espada removed one of his eyes and crushed it, sending a dust-like substance through the air that showed those gathered what he'd seen. Aizen started to understood why Ulquiorra didn't kill Ichigo, but as the 4th Espada started to explain why, he was interrupted by Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. He said that he was soft to let Ichigo and the others live and he should have killed them regardless of their power. Grimmjow began to taunt Yammy, but Ulquiorra stepped in explaining that Aizen was not concerned with Ichigo's current power, but with his growth rate.

Though his rate of growth was high, his power was highly unstable and if his power didn't destroy him first, he could prove useful in the future. Grimmjow angrily pointed out that Ichigo could become a threat instead, but Ulquiorra said that if that happened, he would take care of the Shinigami himself. Aizen then congratulated the 4th Espada for succeeding in his mission and told him to handle the situation as he saw fit. A month after this, Ulquiorra went to see Yammy get his arm reattached and said it was a good thing he brought his arm back. The 10th Espada said it would rot since it took too long for it to be reattached and it would be nice if all their bodies regenerated like Ulquiorra's did. The 4th Espada said that he should be glad they could reattach it at all, since if his arm had been completely destroyed like Grimmjow's, he would have lost his place amongst the Espada. Yammy admitted he was right and Ulquiorra told him that they'd been summoned by Aizen.

They arrived just in time for Wonderweiss Margela's transformation into an Arrancar, which was attended by many of the other Espada. Before this happened, Ulquiorra asked about the status of the Hogyoku and Aizen said that as far as the Soul Society was concerned, it was on schedule. After using it to transform Wonderweiss into an Arrancar, he asked Ulquiorra if he remembered the mission he gave him a month ago. The 4th Espada said he did and Aizen said that he had his full confidence to do what he though was necessary to command, including bringing whomever he chose to come with him, though Aizen insisted Grimmjow go.

Capturing Orihime

Ulquiorra Threatening Orihime

Ulquiorra threatenung Orihime.

Ulquiorra sent Yammy, Wonderweiss, Grimmjow, and Luppi Antenor (Grimmjow's replacement as 6th Espada) to attack Karakura Town. The 4th Espada then went to capture Orihime as she traveled between the Soul Society and the Human World. Ulquiorra appeared before her using Garganta and quickly took out her two Shinigami escorts with fatal Bala attacks. Orihime quickly used her Soten Kisshun to heal the two, expanding it so that it covered both of them. Ulquiorra was surprised by her level of power and told her to come with him, but not to say her answer since it had to be yes, or he would kill her. But the 4th Espada said he would spare Orihime, reasoning he would kill her friends anyway and showed her the fights her friends were currently engaged in. Ulquiorra explained that she should not speak or ask questions, since they weren't negotiating and whether her friends died depended on her. The 4th Espada told Orihime that Aizen had become interested by her powers and had ordered she be brought back unharmed.
Ulquiorra stops Grimmjow

Ulquiorra stopping Grimmjow.

This succeeded in making her come peacefully and Ulquiorra told Orihime she could say goodbye to one person before she left, making it seem she came of her free will. The 4th Espada went to Karakura Town, right in the middle of the fight between Shinji Hirako and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez as the Arrancar was about to release his Zanpakuto. Ulquiorra said their mission was accomplished as multiple Garganta opened, returning all the Arrancar to Hueco Mundo through Negacion. After taking Orihime to Hueco Mundo, Ulquiorra brought her to Aizen, who wanted her to demonstrate her powers. He had her heal Grimmjow's arm, which Luppi thought was impossible, and Ulquiorra confirmed that it was the power he had seen in his first mission to the human world. He watched as Grimmjow then had Orihime heal the scar on his Espada tattoo, then killed Luppi to regain his position amongst the Espada. Later Ulquiorra and the other Espada went to a meeting called by Aizen, where they were told of Ichigo Kurosaki, Uryu Ishida, and Yasutora Sado. He warned them all not to underestimate them, pointing out that four of them went to the Soul Society and succeeded in fighting the Gotei 13.

When Zommari Rureaux pointed out that there were only three of them, Ulquiorra told him that the fourth, Orihime, was already with them. He sat silently as an argument broke out amongst the Espada until Grimmjow stood up and stated he was going to go and kill the intruders, but Aizen had not given any order and subdued him with his spirit energy. Some time afterwards, Ulquiorra went to Orihime's room in Las Noches and told her that her friends had come to her rescue. However he told her that such a thing should mean nothing, because she belonged to Aizen in body and soul, which he forced her to acknowledge. As Ulquiorra left, he noted that despite her display of dismay and never flinched at his questions, she had a strong spirit.


Nnoitra asking Ulquiorra about Orihime.

Suddenly he was brought out of his thoughts by Nnoitra Gilga, who asked her how he was doing in handling the girl and how far he'd gotten in "taming" her. Ulquiorra ignored him and walked away, referring to him as a degenerate, but Nnoitra got in his way, telling him not to be so testy when he only asked if things were going well. Ulquiorra said he couldn't understand why the 5th Espada was so concerned about it, but told Nnoitra not worry, since Orihime had been under Aizen's control before she even came to Hueco Mundo. The 5th Espada asked if he'd used his Zanpakuto, but Ulquiorra assured him that the situation hardly called for doing so.

The 4th Espada explained that the minute Orihime was told to come to Hueco Mundo there were a number of psychological cages put in place. Because her friends were in danger, she was placed in a situation where she had no choice but to surrender to them. Nnoitra didn't understand what kind of psychological cage had been put on when they'd given Orihime 12 hours to say goodbye to one of her friends. Ulquiorra went on to explain that it made her think they weren't her enemies, so she would join them more willingly. Also by allowing Orihime to say goodbye, it would seem as if she left of her free will, so she would look like a traitor. With this explanation, Nnoitra finally understood the plan and declared that he expected nothing less from someone as cunning as Aizen. However Ulquiorra said that this was nothing but a game to their master and even if the plan hadn't worked completely, things would've been fine. Orihime did not have the power to escape Hueco Mundo or the will to turn against him.

First Battle with Ichigo

Later when Ichigo was fighting his way through Las Noches with Nel, Ulquiorra appeared to confront him. He taunted the Visored by telling him that Rukia Kuchiki had been killed in her fight with Aaroniero Arruruerie. Ichigo, not sure if he should believe Ulquiorra, was leaving when the 4th Espada asked him if he should leave without killing him first.

Ulquiorra vs Ichigo

Ulquiorra provoking Ichigo into attacking him.

Ichigo stated he had no reason to fight him and though he was his enemy, he hadn't hurt any of his friends yet. Ulquiorra proceeded to ask him what he'd think if he were to tell him he was the one who'd brought Orihime to Hueco Mundo. This made Ichigo attack him, saying he knew Orhime hadn't come willingly, but Ulquiorra blocked his strike. He went on to say that if they'd had doubts about her loyalty, it was odd that they'd come to her rescue. Ichigo angrily reprimanded Ulquiorra for making Orihime look like a traitor and said that since he didn't have much time, they should just go all out. He proceeded to unleash his Bankai, which the 4th Espada was unimpressed by until Ichigo appeared wearing his Hollow Mask. He sent out an enhanced Getsuga Tensho attack, which Ulquiorra blocked, but it proved too much, sending the Espada flying through some pillars.

The 4th Espada tried to gather himself to launch a counter-attack, only for Ichigo to launch another Getsuga Tensho. Ulquiorra blocked the attack with both hands, but the force of it knocked him back a considerable distance. Ichigo decided he'd won and was about to leave with Nel, only for Ulquiorra to reveal he had only been barely scratched by the attack. The 4th Espada was disappointed that Ichigo believed he wouldn't have been able to stop the attack and asked him if that was all the power he had.

When Ichigo didn't respond, Ulquiorra decided that it was and fired a Cero at him, sending him through the wall and out into the desert of Hueco Mundo. Ichigo got to his feet and ran away to try and get Nel to safety, only for Ulquiorra appear right beside him and kick him back through the wall into Las Noches. The 4th Espada appeared in front of him, saying that Ichigo had impressed him with his reaction time by summoning his Hollow Mask to protect himself. However Ulquiorra came to the conclusion that since the mask shattered in a instant this time, he wouldn't be able to summon it all and asked Ichigo to surrender.

Ulquiorra Cifer Number Revealed

Ulquiorra showing his Espada Tattoo.

Refusing to give up, Ichigo pressed the tip of his sword to Ulquiorra's chest, saying that he had to be the leader of the Espada and if he beat him, the conflict would be over. However the 4th Espada grabbed his sword and pushed it to the side, tearing open his coat to reveal his Espada tattoo. Ichigo could barely believe that it was only the number 4, meaning Ulquiorra was only fourth. He proceeded to introduce himself and tell him he was the 4th Espada.

Ulquiorra stabs Ichigo

Ulquiorra stabbing Ichigo with his bare hand.

He then impaled Ichigo with his hand, saying that he could not defeat him and even if he could, there were three more Espada that were even stronger. Ulquiorra stated Ichigo and his friends had no hope of victory and walked away, saying he had overestimated the Visored's abilities. The 4th Espada told him if he could walk, he should leave Hueco Mundo, and otherwise he could lie there and die.

Beginning the Second Round

However when Ulquiorra returned to Orihime's room, he found it trashed and Orihime gone and questioned Loly Aivirrne and Menoly Mallia about what had happened. He found out Grimmjow had taken her and quickly tracked them down, discovering that the 6th Espada was having Orhime heal Ichigo. Ulquiorra asked Grimmjow why he was healing an enemy he'd defeated, but the 6th Espada didn't answer. The 4th Espada said that Aizen had put Orihime under his care and demanded that Grimmjow hand her over.

Grimmjow fights Ulquiorra

Grimmjow attacking Ulquiorra.

He refused and attacked Ulquiorra then taunted him, saying he was afraid to fight and fired a Cero at him. The 4th Espada blocked it and appeared above Grimmjow with Sonído, then fired a point-blank Cero at him. The 6th Espada countered with his own and the two were both sent flying into pillars. Ulquiorra got out of the rubble unscathed only for Grimmjow to grab him from behind.

Ulquiorra exiting the Caja Negacion

Ulquiorra exiting the Caja Negacion.

He threw a Caja Negacion into the 6th Espada's Hollow Hole, temporarily trapping him in another dimension. Around three to four hours later, Ulquiorra managed to get back to Hueco Mundo by ripping an opening back and after Aizen left Hueco Mundo for the Human World, he left Las Noches in the 4th Espada's keep.

Ulquiorra waited for Ichigo's arrival and asked Orihime if she felt any fear now that Aizen didn't need her anymore and that she would now die alone here. She told him that she wasn't, saying she had confidence in her friends and she was not afraid because her heart was with them. Orihime went on to say that she left to protect them and at first she didn't understand why they'd followed her to Hueco Mundo. Eventually though, she understood their actions and not understanding her feelings, Ulquiorra asked her to tell her more.

Ulquiorra e Orihime by Ulquiorra Victor Kun

Ulquiorra preparing to fight Ichigo a second time.

He asked Orihime what a heart was, as he'd heard humans talk about it so much that it sounded like a physical concept and asked where to find it. Before Ulquiorra could ask anymore, Ichigo charged in, ready for battle and the 4th Espada drew his sword, ready to fight. The Visored told him to get away from Orihime and Ulquiorra said he planned to do so, since Aizen's orders were to protect Las Noches, not kill her. However he went on to say that killing Ichigo would be protecting Las Noches and swore to destroy him. Ichigo was surprised, having believed that he'd have to force Ulquiorra to fight and asked the Arrancar if he found him a worthy foe.

The 4th Espada simply said that he at least saw him as one who had to be destroyed. The two began fighting and at first Ichigo was on the defensive to block Ulquiorra's incredibly fast attacks. He eventually went on the offensive, following the 4th Espada's movements enough to land a blow on his arm. Although it barely cut him, Ulquiorra realized that Ichigo was stronger, since he couldn't follow his movements last time. However this didn't worry the 4th Espada, who demonstrated his true speed, succeeding in closing in on Ichigo only to be blocked by Orihime's Santen Kesshun.

Ulquiorra asked her why she was helping Ichigo, but Orihime didn't know what to say and he started to explain why she interfered. However Ichigo interrupted him, saying none of that mattered and prepared a Getsuga Tensho. Ulquiorra said that he should know that attack doesn't work on him, but he was surprised when Ichigo kept it wrapped around his sword so his blade would have its power behind it. Before the Visored could gain the advantage, Ulquiorra deflected the attack and said the Getsuga Tensho didn't work before and that was with his Hollow mask.


Ulquiorra noticing Loly and Menoly with Orihime.

Without the mask, the Getsuga Tensho wouldn't work no matter how he used it. After Ichigo noticed Loly and Menoly, who had grabbed Orihime, he attacked them, only for Ulquiorra to interfere and deflect his Getsuga Tensho. The 4th Espada told Loly not to misinterpret his actions as trying to save her and continued to block Ichigo's way to Orihime, telling him he'd have to kill him to fight anyone else. However they were interrupted by Yammy suddenly bursting in through the floor, who stated he was there to help Ulquiorra.

The 4th Espada stated he didn't ask for help and told the 10th Espada his job was elsewhere. Ulquiorra told Yammy to go back to sleep or fight one of the nearby Shinigami captains, but he refused. The 10th Espada asked him why Loly and Menoly was there and 4th Espada just said to ask them. Ulquiorra engaged Ichigo once again while Yammy fought and beat Loly and Menoly, then he asked if he could kill Orihime. However Uryu Ishida interrupted and proceeded to fight Yammy.

Final Confrontation

Ichigo finally donned his Hollow Mask, proving able to completely resist Ulquiorra's attacks and even crack his sword. He unleashed another Getsuga Tensho, but the 4th Espada dodged it and went outside through a hole in the wall. Ulquiorra fired a Cero at Ichigo, but was surprised when he easily blocked it, and he proceeded to use Sonído to head to the dome on top of Las Noches, with Ichigo following him. Ulquiorra then explained that there were two things forbidden within the fortress, using a Gran Ray Cero and Espada ranked four and above releasing their Zanpakuto, since either would have the power to destroy Las Noches.

Ulquiorra vs. Ichigo

Ulquiorra attacking Ichigo with his javelin.

Ulquiorra proceeded to release his Zanpakuto and warned Ichigo to stay focused, before using Sonído to attack him with one of his javelins. He defended with a Getsuga Tensho, only for the upper right part of his mask to be destroyed. Ulquiorra noted he'd done so reflexively and if he hadn't, his head would now be at his feet. He went on to note that Ichigo's power had increased and he'd been able to maintain his mask longer. However the 4th Espada noted he could still shatter his mask easily and threw one of his javelins at Ichigo. He dodged, but Ulquiorra got in close and goaded him into using Getsuga Tensho, promising to show the true difference between their power. Ichigo unleashed the attack, only for it to do nothing to Ulquiorra, who said that the attack was similar to his Cero.

800px-Cero Oscuras

Ulquiorra firing his Cero Oscuras at Ichigo.

Ichigo disagreed, but the 4th Espada said he hadn't even seen it yet and demonstrated his full power Cero Oscuras. The attack drastically injured Ichigo, completely shattering his Hollow Mask and as he fell to the ground, Ulquiorra threw him into a nearby building. The 4th Espada attempted to make Ichigo give up, deciding he had proven that he was far stronger and Hollows were superior to all in terms of power. Ichigo tried to use his Getsuga Tensho to defend himself, but Ulquiorra slashed him with his javelin, destroying the tower they were in and said it was useless for Ichigo to keep trying.

As he fell, the 4th Espada struck him again, sending him flying into another tower and picked him up by the throat. Ulquiorra told Ichigo to drop his sword and give up, since surely he could see the difference in their power. However Ichigo just asked if the 4th Espada thought he should give up just because he was stronger than him.

He said that he already knew Ulquiorra was stronger and that he would defeat him regardless of his strength. The 4th Espada decided that it was time he showed Ichigo true despair by entering his second release form.

Segunda Etapa

Ichigo was shocked and Ulquiorra explained that out of the Espada, he was the only one with a second release form and even Aizen hadn't seen this form. The 4th Espada swore to make Ichigo understand fear, even if that meant tearing him to shreds. Ulquiorra flew full force at him, easily outdoing him with his speed and sending him flying into another pillar. He grabbed Ichigo's sword and whipped him with his tail, throwing him away and Ichigo went on the defensive by summoning his Hollow Mask.

590px-Oscuras Hole

Ulquiorra dropping Ichigo's body after blasting him with his Cero Oscuras.

Ulquiorra said he couldn't understand Ichigo's resolve and that he believed a human's "heart" just caused them pain and ended in their deaths. The 4th Espada proceeded to fire a Cero Oscuras through Ichigo's chest, just as Uryu and Orihime came to the top of the dome. Ulquiorra dropped Ichigo's body and Orihime attempted to heal him, only for the 4th Espada to block her, saying even her powers weren't enough to save him. Uryu shot an arrow at him but Ulquiorra deflected it with his wing and even a volley of arrows failed to phase him.

The 4th Espada said he thought Uryu to be the calmest of Ichigo's friends and the Quincy responded by saying he was calm which is why he could fight him. While Uryu continued to fight Ulquiorra, Orihime attempted to heal Ichigo, only for it to do nothing. The 4th Espada succeeded in severing the Quincy's left hand, however he continued to try and fight but was quickly defeated. Orihime panicked, screaming for Ichigo to help and he suddenly rose, transformed into a Hollow form. Ulquiorra was shocked at his enemy's sudden revival and asked him who he was. Ichigo responded by summoning his sword back to him and roaring and the 4th Espada proceeded to fire a Cero Oscuras at him.

However Ulquiorra was shocked when Ichigo fired an equally powerful Cero back to counter it. The 4th Espada refused to believe a human could fire a Cero powerful enough to counter his Cero Oscuras. But Ichigo suddenly appeared behind Ulquiorra and cut off his left arm, which he quickly regenerated. The 4th Espada revealed he was the only Arrancar capable of instantly regenerating any non-vital part of his body. Ulquiorra proceeded to generate his Lanza del Relámpago and threw it at Ichigo, only for it to miss. The 4th Espada created another spear, only for his opponent to appear behind him, which he found surprising since he used Sonído.

Ichigo threw Ulquiorra's detached arm at him, but he slashed it away and thrust his spear, but his opponent caught it and broke it. The 4th Espada was shocked, leaving him open to Ichigo who slashed him across the chest and slammed him into the ground. Ulquiorra said he couldn't believe he was being defeated by a human turned Hollow and Ichigo stepped on the 4th Espada's head, then started charging a Cero. Ulquiorra noted that he was merciless, which was very much like a Hollow, but Ichigo beat him, so he had no reason for living.

He fired the Cero, generating a vast and powerful explosion, which Ulquiorra barely survived, losing his left arm and lower body. Ichigo tossed away what remained of the Arrancar and prepared to drive his sword through the 4th Espada's throat. However Uryu stopped him, saying such a merciless attack would signify a loss of humanity only for Ichigo to stab him through the chest. He was about to blast Uryu with another Cero, when Ulquiorra, having partially regenerated, severed one of his horns causing the energy to disperse to the sky in an explosion. Ichigo's mask shattered as a result and he collapsed while the 4th Espada began to regenerate more. Ulquiorra though to himself that his internal organs had been horribly damaged by Ichigo's Cero, which he couldn't regenerate.

However he took pleasure in believing his enemy was dead, but was shocked when he saw the hole in Ichigo's chest repair and he awakened. Ulquiorra proceeded to pull Zangetsu out of Uryu's chest and threw it to Ichigo, demanding he finish their battle. However he said the fight was unfair since his inner Hollow interfered and demanded that his arm and leg be cut off to make things fair. Ulquiorra prepared to do so, but suddenly his body began to dissolve into ash and he realized that his time had come. The 4th Espada told Ichigo to kill him, but he refused and Ulquiorra thought to himself that he never did as expected, noting his interest in humans had increased. He turned to Orihime, then asked if she was frightened of him and she told him that she was not. As Ulquiorra began to fade away completely, he thought about what a heart was and reached out to Orihime. But before she could take his hand, it too dissolved into dust, but from her gesture, he realized what a heart was and dissolved completely.

Powers and Abilities

Anime (19)

Ulquiorra's Resurrección Murciélago.

Ulquiorra possesses an enormous amount of spiritual power to the point that he is forbidden to release his Zanpakuto in Las Noches. He is also extremely skilled at hand-to-hand fighting, as well as swordsmanship, though he doesn't engage in it often. Ulquiorra possesses a number of abilities including Sonído, an Arrancar technique that lets him move extremely fast, which he can use on a master level, the ability to fire a Cero, a powerful energy blast, from his index finger, a powerful Hierro, an Arrancar technique that makes his skin strong enough to block attacks, Pesquisa, an ability that lets him sense spiritual energy, Bala, a concentrated shot of spirit energy that he shoots from his hand, and Garganta generation, a portal that lets him move to and from Hueco Mundo, which he can uniquely use to broadcast images. Ulquiorra also possesses high-speed regeneration, the ability to show others what he has seen by crushing one of his eyes, and great intellect, able to understand any situation he comes up against that.
Ulquiorra cifer 2nd resurrecci oacute

Ulquiorra's 2nd form, Segunda Etapa.

Like all Arrancar, Ulquiorra is able to enter his Resurrección form by releasing his Zanpakuto, Murciélago with the release command "Enclose". In this form, he becomes even more powerful and gains the ability to generate energy javelins, which he can throw or wield as melee weapons, and an enhanced Hierro and speed. This form also lets Ulquiorra use his Cero Oscuras, a black Cero that is a good deal stronger than a normal one.

Unlike most other Arrancar, Ulquiorra can transform into a second release form, called Segunda Etapa, which increases his spiritual power to overwhelming levels. His spiritual energy also changes in nature, causing anyone around him to feel great despair. Uryu Ishida has even described it as so dense and heavy, that it could hardly be classified as spiritual energy.

Ulquiorra also gains a tail that he can use in combat to lift or strangle someone and the ability to create a Lanza del Relámpago, a more powerful version of the javelins he created before that can explode when he throws it, generating an explosion that makes Las Noches look small in comparison. Ulquiorra can use them in rapid succession but he has trouble controlling their trajectory.



  • Ulquiorra was voted 10th on a Bleach character popularity poll, receiving 3751 votes.
  • His theme song is "Moonshield" from the album, "The Jester Race" by the group "In Flames".
  • Ulquiorra's first appearance in the manga differs a good deal from his later ones. He was portrayed with thinner eyelashes, no black borders on his coat, a higher Hollow Hole, a longer Hollow Mask remnant with more of a crack, and shorter hair and he made different facial expressions more.
  • Fans voted Ulquiorra's death scene to be the most impactful of the year and it was played in Jump Festa 2009 with Tite Kubo present.
  • He had dark colored nails in the manga, but in the anime they were normal.
  • The aspect of death Ulquiorra represents is Emptiness.
  • His fight with Ichigo came second in a best bout poll.
  • The name of Ulquiorra's Zanpakuto, Murciélago, is "Bat" in Spanish and "Black Winged Great Demon" in Japanese, a reference to the large black bat wings he gains in Resurrección form.
  • The name of Ulquiorra's second release form is Spanish for the "Second Despair".
  • He is considered one of Ichigo's main Arrancar rivals.
  • Ulquiorra has appeared in a number of Bleach video games such as some of the Heat the Soul series, Soul Carnival 2, and Shattered Blade.


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