If, while looking for the monkeys, you happen to see a red thing with a gigantic mouth... ...GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE! Listen. Pay close attention, now... If you run into a red, huge-mouthed Chimera, do absolutely NOTHING to it. Got that? I've warned you. And, while I'm warning you like this, I should add that it'd be even more dangerous not to take the time out to talk with that frog.
~ A Pigmask talking to Lucas about the Ultimate Chimera.

The Ultimate Chimera, or simply just known as "The Chimera", is a monstrous creature created by the Pigmask Army and serves as a major threat in the video game Mother 3. It is also the main antagonist of the popular Gary's Mod game mode The Ultimate Chimera Hunt.


The Ultimate Chimera was created by Dr. Andonuts in the Chimera Laboratory in part of the Chimera project. It was intended to be the ultimate killing machine, but went rogue before its last weakness, a power button on its back, could be removed. During Lucas's infiltration of the laboratory, Salsa the monkey unintentionally let the Chimera out of its cage. Lucas must avoid the Chimera at all costs, as contact with it causes an instant game over. After Lucas finds the lab monkeys and Dr. Andonuts in the basement, the Ultimate Chimera ambushes them on their way out. Before it is able to finish them off, Salsa runs up from behind and pushes the button, turning the Chimera off. However, after Lucas departs with Boney, the monkeys, and Dr. Andonuts, the bird on the Ultimate Chimera's head pushes the button, reviving it.

The Ultimate Chimera is later encountered within the Empire Porky Building, located in one of the bathroom stalls in the bathroom maze. It is protecting a present with the Awesome Ring. There is no way how to defeat the Chimera here, as touching it causes a game over. The best way to get the Awesome Ring is to lure the Ultimate Chimera out of the bathroom stall, and sneak past it in the hallway. The Chimera serves no role in the game afterwards.

Super Smash Bros.

The Ultimate Chimera first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a hazard on the New Pork City stage. It temporary appears and slowly walks towards a section of the stage. When a fighter gets too close, it bites them, causing 100% damage and extreme knockback, enough for a guaranteed instant KO. It is impossible to defeat the Chimera, although it can be indirectly defeated by destroying the bridge platform at the bottom of the screen, causing it to fall off-screen. It will still spawn again afterwards.

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the Ultimate Chimera appears as a Trophy, which can be used as an item in the Smash Tour mode. It allows the player to steal two fighters instead of one from the last opponent they defeated.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Ultimate Chimera returns as a hazard for the New Pork City stage. Unlike in Brawl, being attacked by the Chimera causes an instant KO instead of being launched. It also appears as a support spirit, summoned by using the cores from Blargg and Pyoro. Its ability increases the chances to deal a Critical Hit.

The Ultimate Chimera Hunt

The Ultimate Chimera Hunt is a Garry's Mod gamemode where one player is randomly chosen to be the Chimera. The goal is for the Chimera to hunt down and kill all Pigmasks and prevent them from pressing the button on the Chimera's back. The player as the Chimera has many abilities at their disposal such as flying, speed, and a mighty roar to scare all surrounding Pigmask for a short time.


When a player is chosen, they will become the chimera. Their job is the hunt down the Pigmask, while also making sure none of them get behind the Chimera, as they can push the button to defeat the Chimera. The Ultimate Chimera has five abilities: a tail whip, teeth, run, flight, and a roar. The tail whip can be used to fling the Pigmask away from behind the Chimera. Using the teeth is the main way for the Chimera to kill Pigmask, but there is a short delay each time they use it. Running can help catch up to Pigmask if they are far away, as the normal speed is quite slow. Flying can be used to get out of a sticky situation, or reach a higher point. Finally, the Chimera has a roar ability, which temporarily stuns all Pigmask in a surrounding area, although there is a recharging limit.


  • Tail Whip Spinning: if the player is good at tail whipping, it can be used to fling Pigmask off of cliffs and buildings to their deaths below.
  • Corner Camping: The Chimera can stand in one corner and guard the button so no Pigmask can even press it.
  • Flying in and out: The Chimera can fly up to a tall building or platform and jump down on Pigmask and kill them one by one.
  • Stomping On Pigmask: The Chimera can stomp on Pigmask similar to Goomba Stomping, but it requires luck.



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