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He is finished! I have won! I am the ultimate warrior on this planet! With this victory, my fame and glory grows! Soon all will know my name: I am the Ultimate Ninja!
~ Ultimate Ninja after seemingly defeating Leonardo.
More patience? Argh! I have suffered enough in the name of patience. I have bowed before them. I have begged their forgiveness as my father wished. But now, my time has come. I will take the throne from my father and I will become the supreme daimyo of the Battle Nexus! And, I will make the Turtles and their rat master pay for their insolence to me, with their lives.
~ Ultimate Ninja's ultimate goal.

The Ultimate Ninja (real name Ue-Sama) is the son of the Ultimate Daimyo, the master of the Battle Nexus, a tournament from the greatest warriors every three years to see who is the champion of the multiverse. He was voiced by Ted Lewis, and Sam Riegel as a child.

The Ultimate Ninja served as the main antagonist of the episode "The Ultimate Ninja", the secondary antagonist of the four-part episode "The Big Brawl" and (as Ultimate Drako) the main antagonist of the five-episode "Universe" Saga.


The Ultimate Ninja makes his first appearance in the episode "The Ultimate Ninja." He came to Earth to challenge the Shredder, but learned that the Shredder met his apparent demise by Leonardo. Thus, he challenged Leonardo to a duel and they fought to the death. The Ultimate Ninja fought with no honor, and let Leo fall off a bridge. However, Leonardo survived and defeated him. The Ultimate Ninja tried to kill the Turtles and Splinter after the duel was finished by conjuring a dragon, which was sliced in half by his father, the Daimyo.

The Ultimate Ninja appeared again later when the Turtles entered the Battle Nexus. He apologized to Splinter for his past actions, and escorted the Turtles to the arena, appearing friendly to them. However, he secretly allied with the evil Drako, plotting to destroy the Turtles and take over his father's throne and the multiverse. On his orders, dark ninja assassins attempted to kill Leonardo, but failed. The Ultimate Ninja nearly succeeded in his goals by managing to poison Leonardo and implicate Splinter for an attempt to murder the Daimyo. He briefly took over as the Daimyo of the Battle Nexus, but soon got into a power struggle with Drako. The Turtles, along with their allies, Miyamoto Usagi and Traximus, were able to thwart his plans. Both the Ultimate Ninja and Drako were then pulled into a rift in space and time created by Drako's nefarious use of the Daimyo's War Staff.

Drifting through the universe over countless millennia, their bodies merged into a horrific entity called the Ultimate Drako. They freed themselves and ended up in 15th century Earth, in which they pretended to serve Savanti Romero, biding their time to get revenge on the Turtles. The opportunity came to them when Savanti sought Lord Simultaneous's Time Scepter, a scepter that can control time and space, which Ultimate Drako snatched before swearing vengeance on the Turtles and disappearing.

They later returned to the Turtles' lair with the Time Scepter, using it to scatter the Turtles throughout different realities. They captured Splinter and weakened the Daimyo as well. He later seized the War Staff after Leonardo failed to use it to recover his missing family. Wielding the power of The Scepter and Staff, he gathered Leonardo and Usagi together, trapping them in a battle with powerful monsters.

Ultimate Drako was then ready to kill the Daimyo and Splinter. Despite this, Ultimate Ninja still had a caring side for his father to the point of banishing him to an unknown island instead of killing him. His hesitation allowed Splinter and the Turtles to gain control of the War Staff and the Time Scepter. The combined power of the relics restored everything to their natural, including turning the Ultimate Ninja and Drako into separate beings once again. By the time they separated, the Ultimate Ninja begged his father to forgive him before being turned into stone and crumbling. Luckily, due to the Daimyo's grief, Lord Simultaneous revived him as a child with no memories of his actions.


  • The Ultimate Ninja also appears as a boss character within the Video Game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus. He appear in two stages and is fought multiple times between them. He is also fought during the Battle Nexus Tournament Unlockable Stage where the Heroes must also fight against Drako.


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