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Villain Overview

Hello. I've enjoyed watching you kill each other. I came here to destroy this vessel. You cannot have it. What you can do is run. I detect one among you who is a true warrior. The one called McKenna. He will be your leader. He will be my prize. I offer time advantage. Go.
~ The Ultimate Predator translating his language to McKenna and the Loonies.
Traitor eliminated. Tracking stolen cargo.
~ Ultimate reporting to his clan after executing Fugitive Predator.

The Ultimate Predator, also known as the Assassin Predator or the Upgraded Predator, is the main antagonist of the 2018 science-fiction action horror film The Predator, the fourth installment of the Predator franchise.

He is an augmented super-soldier Yautja who was sent by his people to kill the Fugitive Predator and prevent him from delivering the "Predator Killer" to humanity so that they could fend off an invasion of some kind. Despite his success in killing the latter, he failed to retrieve the stolen cargo and perished in the attempt due to underestimating sniper Quinn McKenna.

He was voiced and motion captured by Brian A. Prince and Kyle Strauts.



Not much is known about the Ultimate Predator, other than being hailed from a clan of Yautja who performed hybridization, genetic augmentation technique devised to convert its best hunters into formidable super-soldiers. Said technique involves the use of different DNA acquired from many formidable lifeforms in the galaxy thus endowed the Clan's super-soldiers with advantageous biological quirks of their donors such as exoskeletal skin and digitigrade legs for better speed. Both Ultimate Predator's Clan and that of Fugitive Predator appeared to be allies assuming that they are not one in the same, but tensions between both exist because of Fugitive Predator's decision to bring a piece of technology belonged to their kind to humanity, much to the objection of Ultimate Predator's superiors that he sent him to to stop Fugitive Predator to begin with.

Pursuing the Fugitive

The Ultimate Predator finally catches up with Fugitive Predator's ship with his own, and was capable of causing some damage during a dog fight, but the latter escaped by crash landing on Earth. Subsequently, the Fugitive Predator was captured by the government, and was kept in a lab until he escaped as the Ultimate Predator discovered his rival's location.

Upon entering Earth's atmosphere with his ship, the Upgraded Predator found himself facing an unforeseen implication when Quinn McKenna's son Rory messed with the Fugitive's device, causing his ship to decloak and the military to send F-22's to check out the disturbance. Despite this, the Ultimate Predator managed to restore control over his ship's system and elude his pursuers, but did attack one of them in a dogfight.

Tracking Down and Killing the Fugitive

The Ultimate Predator landed his ship, and went to track the Fugitive Predator with his augmented Predator Hounds. While his Hounds surrounded Rory just as Quinn, the Loonies and Casey Bracket come to the rescue, the Ultimate Predator personally continued his search for the Fugitive Predator, and eventually ambushed him just as he had Quinn at his mercy. The Ultimate Predator overpowers him and demanded the stolen technology, but the Fugitive Predator defied him by fighting back. The Ultimate Predator used his augmentations, and ripped off the Fugitive's head and spine with ease, thus completing his mission.

The Ultimate Predator reported to his clan on the situation, and his superiors asked him if there were any leads on finding the Fugitive Predator's spaceship, and he responded that the humans were. The Ultimate Predator then went to Quinn's home, and found Rory's map to the location of the spaceship. As this happens, the government agents make their way to Fugitive’s ship while the Loonies attempt to free Rory from their grasp. Ultimate soon catches up to them and interrupted the fight by killing Lynch and many military personnel, and enters the Fugitive Predator’s spaceship.

Challenging the Loonies

Upon discovering that the government had set up a translation device to intercept his race's language, the Ultimate Predator tells the Loonies and surviving government men that he is going to dispose of the spaceship. He then issues a challenge on them and states that McKenna is a true warrior, that he will lead them, and offers them time advantage. When speaking of the true warrior, he was speaking of Rory, whose autism is believed to be the next step of human evolution, and the Ultimate wants his DNA to augmentation himself and his clan.

During the hunt, the Ultimate Predator is injured when firing his wrist blades on Casey, and who responded by firing the Fugitive's mask plasma caster at him. After defeating Baxley and Coyle, the Ultimate Predator kidnapped Rory and took him to his spaceship, so he could deliver the boy to his clan. When going away, the ship is damaged when Nebraska sacrifices himself by sliding into the ship's engine, and sending the spaceship back on Earth. Quinn gets inside the ship and confronts the Ultimate Predator, who restrains him with his harpoon weapon and sends him tumbling out of his crashed ship in the process.

Final Battle and Death

Despite suffering from injuries sustained from the crash, Ultimate Predator continued his fight against Quinn and Casey. Rory aided the two by severing the Ultimate's right arm by using the ship's force field, but it didn't kill the upgraded alien. During the fight, the Ultimate's lobotomized hellhound aids the group by giving the Ultimate's severed right arm to Quinn, allowing him to shoot an explosive at the alien's leg, blowing up and dismembering Ultimate. Quinn then asked the Ultimate Predator a final question before deciding to shoot him in the head multiple times, finally killing the augmented alien and avenging the Loonies.


Having augmented himself with DNA from various lifeforms across the galaxy, Ultimate Predator developed a great deal of confidence to the point of arrogance. While his sense of honor was not as much as exemplary members of his kind due to his obsession to become the strongest Yautja and even scorned weaker ones, he displayed some recognition in his human opponents' skills and determinayion, giving them a chance to fight and prove which one of them being toughest despite his interest in Rory's autism that might be advantageous for his fellow clan members' hybridization projects.

Powers and Abilities

  • Augmented Yautja Physiology: While he is hailed from the already formidable race of head-hunters, Ultimate Predator stands out from other members of his race (with the exception of his fellow augments if any) due to upgrading his body with DNA from various powerful lifeforms that gave him additional powers along with cybernetic upgrades.
    • Dermal Armor: Ultimate Predator can harden his skin into an exoskeletal armor that is strong enough to shatter wrist-blades with his sheer resilience to damage alone.
    • Digitigrade Legs: Despite his digitigrade legs built somewhat impractical for his humanoid form, they are optimized for enhanced mobility greater than a Yautja's standards.
    • Extreme Resilience: Ultimate Predator's bodily functions and durability are greatly optimized to the point of only blood loss from dismemberment and brain trauma that can kill him. Through the film, the Ultimate Predator suffered from multiple injuries from his enemies, but his enhanced durability aided him on continuing his goals.
  • Cybernetic Augmentation: Ultimate Predator's eyes appear to be given some form of bionic upgrade that share the same system with that of a Yautja's bio-mask, giving him different visions without needing one.
  • Superhuman Strength: The Ultimate Predator's superhuman strength was further enhanced from his augmentations, allowing him to defeat the Fugitive Predator with ease. This allowed him to rip the Fugitive's skull and spine out in seconds while he easily defeated the Loonies and government agents with little effort.
  • Expert Marksmanship: The Ultimate Predator displayed uncanny proficiency when it comes about using his wrist cannon, a weapon with firepower comparable to his kind's Plasmacaster yet similar to Energy Flechette.


  • Although the Ultimate Predator is purely CGI and motion capture, actors that portrayed the Fugitive Predator were stand-ins on set.


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