Ultraman Orb Dark is a dark, twisted version of Ultraman Orb and a major antagonist in Ultraman R/B. He is created by his human host and the president of Aizen Tech, Makoto Aizen, who was actually possessed by a dark gaseous alien entity named Cereza who sought to become an Ultraman.



Orb Ring NEO

Born after the creation of the Orb Ring NEO. Katsumi and Isami were helping Makoto Aizen on a mountain but he told them the story of how he got the R/B Gyros and how he become so weird.Then he revealed his A/Z Gyro and Orb Origin Crystal and transformed into Ultraman Orb Dark Noir Black Schwarz, after that he used the Orb Dark Rock Calibur and attacked the two teenagers and also transformed into Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu.But they were no match for him Orb Dark kept dodging their attacks and they changed Crystals,they used their Rosso Cyclone and Pyro Attack combo attack. Orb Dark intercepted with the Dark Origium Shoot.The two beams clashed and the Ultramen’s combo attack failed. They were on the ground defenseless and he stomped on Blu’s chest and Blu punches the Evil Ultraman ‘s foot and they got up and tried to counter his attacks and he mocked Rosso until the Dark Ultraman ended the fight with the Orb Dark Stobium Dynamite.



  • Aizen served as the stark contrast to Jugglus Juggler from Orb and Kei Fukuide from Geed, who are both kaiju summoners in their respective series who have a connection to the relatives of the main protagonist; though in Juggler's case, he is Gai Kurenai's former friend turned to the dark side, while Fukuide is the fanatical right-hand man of Ultraman Belial , who is revealed to be the father of Ultraman Geed. Both even transformed into kaijus themselves - Zeppandon for Juggler, Fukuide utilizes Belial Fusion Monsters, while Aizen does transform into Orb Dark, he also transformed into Grigio Bone in one instance.
    • He also shares Juggler's jealousy with the protagonist of being Ultramen. Juggler was supposed to be chosen by the Orbcalibur, only it to fall into Gai. While Aizen see Rosso and Blu unfit to be Ultras and intends to replace them.
    • With Fukuide, Aizen appears to have fanatical devotion to a certain Ultra - Ultraman Belial and Ultraman Orb, respectively. Belial is described as a savior in Fukuide's viewpoint, whereas Aizen comes off as a stereotypical "fanboy" of almost everything related to Gai Kurenai and even derived the latter's catchphrases.


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