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I am Ultraman Tregear. I came to fulfill your wish.
~ Tregear to Katsumi Minato in Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond.

Ultraman Tregear (ウルトラマントレギア Urutoraman Toregia), also known by his human host Kirisaki, is the major antagonist in Ultra Series. He is the overarching antagonist of Ultraman R/B, the main antagonist in Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond and Ultraman Taiga, as well as being a recurring antagonist in Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes. Tregear is a sadistic and merciless Ultra who used to be a scientist for the Land of Light, but he suddenly turned to the dark side unknowingly and began to commit mass destruction on several planets. He is the former friend of Ultraman Taro and the archenemy of Tri-Squad.

He was voiced by Yuma Uchida and suit acted by Shinnosuke Ichikawa, including with his human host portrayed by Kou Nanase.


Tregear was not always the sadistic, nihilistic, and remorseless trickster who was also the ultimate personification of temptation, destruction, despair, suffering, loneliness, and chaos. In his youth, he was the antisocial yet curious best friend of Ultraman Taro who interested with subjects that are even considered off-limits by normal standards, a trait that once brought them into a trouble. Despite this, he had a strong sense of justice as much as his said friend and aspired to join Inter Galactic Defense Force alongside the latter, having looked up Taro as sort of role model and cherished every moment he spent with him. Unfortunately, repeated misfortunes throughout his attempts to keep up with Taro's increasing popularity coupled with Land of Light's uneventful history (most notably Belial and Hikari's fall to darkness) had since shattered everything Tregear believed in and twisted his worldview, thus motivated the fallen Ultra to live up his current role and ultimately, absorbed Grimdo into his very being.

Although he is similar with another fallen Ultra, Belial, and even walked a similar path to the darkness which includes having themselves empowered by malevolent entities (some may argue him as either the latter's spiritual successor or at least Blue Ultra Tribe counterpart) in addition of possessing manipulative streak and being irredeemable monsters, it must be noted that they have different motives and goals. Whereas Belial actively sought to avenge his exile from Land of Light and gaining power for such purpose, Tregear was more interested in spreading discord and misery solely for its sake through deceiving people under the pretense of fulfilling their dreams instead of causing them outright and watching destructive consequences of his actions from sidelines, only interfering if things either don't get into his way or simply to spite his enemies further. Moreover, his conflicts against Taiga cemented the fact that Tregear utterly bereft of a sliver of sympathetic qualities found in Belial owing to his more diluted sense of morality; not only he rather saw everything to be destroyed as light and darkness were nothing more than two different sides of a coin, but also perceived power of bonds as a major taboo for him.

The one and only person Tregear genuinely holds to higher standards is Taro due to their past friendship. He considered him as the only opponent worthy of his time and therefore drops his smug behavior in his presence, becoming much more serious in attitude and fighting style. Conversely, he holds Tri-Squad members, Taiga, Titas, and Fuma in great contempt; Tregear initially didn't think much of them, particularly Taiga due to him being named after the very device he and Taro developed in the past, Taiga Spark, and even only referred the young Ultra as "son of Taro" to spite him. His rivalry with Taiga soon takes the worst turn after he failed to corrupt the young Ultra in courtesy of Hiroyuki, filling Tregear with seething insanity to the point of the fallen Ultra equating Taiga Tri-Stirium (combined form of Taiga, Titas, and Fuma alongside their shared human host born from their bonds with one another) and his defeat at hands of the latter with the ultimate humiliation. After such major loss, the-then deranged Tregear becomes obsessed in tormenting Hiroyuki and Tri-Squad more than ever, going so far targeting their friends and summoning Woola in revenge. Not surprisingly, such obsession is not only what lead to his eventual defeat at hands of Taiga, but also further solidifying how much the power of bonds, something he grew to despise, became his greatest weak point.



As told in Ultraman Taiga Novel: Tregear's Story/Blue Shadow, in his younger days, Tregear was once a student of Ultra Elementary School who befriended his classmate Taro. The two went through several adventures together, such as trespassing into a forbidden region that later revealed to be the tomb where those who fell during Great Ultra War buried at and got into troubles with the teachers in process and stopping the outbreak of DNA-assimilating organisms born from some sort of primordial soup of life within an ancient space ship that inadvertently released while dealing Gagoze threat at Planet Tika-Du. During that time, Tregear studied topics which Land of Light never bother to explore such as night, darkness, loneliness, and fear at the library just as he himself saw his best friend as a symbol of light. Tregear also wrote a poem of Taro to express it, though his said friend thought little of it beyond seeing his talent for poetry.

Tregear's days following his graduation were not kind to him. Not only he failed to follow Taro in joining Inter Galactic Defense force, but when he joined the Bureau of Space Science and Technology instead so he could continue assist his friend and brethren, Tregear's mentor, Hikari, got resigned and left to Planet Arb out of guilt over his Life-Force Solidification invention being the cause of many attacks on the Land of Light before they could complete the device that could transform an Ultraman's particles to be taken into other creatures for multiversal travel purposes. As dismayed as he was, Tregear chose to press on and made a significant progress thanks to Taro's advice to rely on bonds through the latter's experience with humans. Eventually, once they completed and miniaturized the machine together, the two named it Taiga Spark as per Taro's suggestion. Despite such success, Taro's departure and misfortunes that followed it dismayed Tregear further to the point of inspiring him to write a poem which about him wallowing in the darkness; throughout conflicts against forces of evil, enemies of Land of Light consistently matched his people's defenses despite improvements that had been made that battles only escalate. Further disillusioned by uneventful history of Land of Light, including Hikari's fall to vengeance that made him understood his sorrow, Tregear concluded that his people's ideals were nothing more than deception, and that they fight because they have power instead of upholding justice as they believed to be, making them and those they fight against as, effectively making their ideals and enemies being two sides of the same coin. And so, he denied the position of Deputy Director of the Bureau of Space Science and Technology before departed from Land of Light.

Arriving at Planet Tutuola, Tregear found a pool of organic matter among rubbish that was managed by the Intersellar Alliance there. To ease his loneliness and finding it similar with one he and Taro encountered at Planet Tika-Du long ago, Tregear used the matter to create a slug-like life form resembling Namegon which he named Snark, which translated into "Chibisuke" on the Land of Light. Unfortunately, the creature grew large and aggressive, forcing the Ultra to exploit a bug in its DNA to force it to transform into different kinds of creatures before putting Snark out of its misery by turning it into a dying flower. Sometime after leaving the planet out of guilt, Tregear was surprised by the news of Taro naming his son Taiga, proving that Taro still cared with him and indeed named Taiga Spark after his would-be future son. However, Tregear delved further into the darkness just as his best friend and his son went on the path of light.

Throughout his long journey, Tregear's belief of light and darkness being meaningless grew through ordeals he went through. At that point, he managed to decipher the ancient writings he had encountered on Planet Tika-Du long ago, and his discovery brought him to Planet Volhes at the Milky Way. Opening the abyss in the ruins at the planet, Tregear discovered primordial chaos gods the all-powerful kaiju Grimdo comprised of within, sealed to maintain the balance in the universe. Just as Belial allowed the spirit of Alien Reiblood to merge with him and became the infamous Ultra-Reionyx he is now, Tregear allowed Grimdo to merge with him through his color timer, transforming into a fallen Ultra like Belial himself. Abandoning his identity as an Ultra, Tregear began his quest to spread chaos and discord throughout universes. Notably, it was he who bestowed Mulnau her crystal-based powers and created Reugosite, a very deadly bioweapon Rosso, Blu, and Grigio fought in the past, from a harmless Space White Blood Cell.

Ultraman R/B: Select! The Crystal of Bond

Tregear learned that Riku Asakura had befriended an Alien Pegassa and found it bizarre. He decided to use Gan-Q to capture Pegassa and have Riku murder him and become like Belial. He thre them both into R/B's universe and summoned Gan-Q and Bemstar to destroy Ayaka City. After he learned about how Ultraman Rosso connected with the Taro Crystal, he made Katsumi Minato his next target. Then Tregear contacted Yukio Toi to help him grasphis dream of destroying the world that he loathed. He corrupted him with the kaiju, Snake Darkness and sent him to planet Hostar 21. Tregear then approached Katsumi and showed him a scene of Mecha Gomora rampaging before he sent him to planet Hostar 21, leaving him alone with Snake Darkness.

During the battle between Rosso, Geed, and Snake Darkness, Tregear arrived at the latter's side, gaining the upper hand against the good ultras. However, the Minato siblings merge into Ultraman Groob. After the battle, it appeared that Geed slew Tregear with his Wreaking Nova, but Tregear survived it and left earth.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

Tregear reappeared in Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes. Where he approaches Ultra Dark-Killer and the rest of the villains, requesting Dark-Killer to create more Darkness Copies of the New Generation Heroes, for the purpose of "proving" a point where Light & Dark can be viewed as one.

It is now known if it's Prior to the Series of Ultraman Taiga. But Began with Tregear confronting Ultraman Taro & the New Generation Heroes near The Land of Light and finished them off with his Trera Ultigeyser but then Tri-Squad arrived and start to strike down Tregear successfully, but then he begins to reduce them into atoms, causing their premuse defeat. Taro, in enraged, charges at Tregear and it is unknown what happened next.

Ultraman Taiga

Twelve years later on, Tregear made his return and is now made to becoming Ultraman Taiga's arch-nemesis and began planning to hunt him down. While he was on earth, he gained a human form by the name of Kirisaki and began calling down a kaiju named Hellberus to attack Taiga and do his bidding.

As Tregear confronts Taiga again after years. Tregear plans to break what's left in Taiga by killing everything he loves, including his host Hiroyuki, it starts by killing his Pet Guesra, Chibisuke and remorselessly killed him while Chibisuke tried to protect Taiga. In despair, Taiga attempts to fight Tregear but only to leave him to easily escape, leaving Taiga left in sadness.

Ultraman Taiga: The Movie

After his last defeat, his body was put back together since his powers prevented him from dying. However, a portion of the monster, Grimdo was freed from him because the battle with Taiga caused the seal contain Grimdo to loosen. Unfortunately for the kaiju, the New Generation Ultras managed to re-seal Grimdo. But it costed them their ability to transform into Ultras again. Meanwhile, Tregear sent an illusion to Planet Volhes to lure out Ultraman Taro. Taro wanted to help Tregear, but Tregear informed him that Grimdo was heading for earth where Taiga was. Fearing his son's safety, Taro bolted for earth to stop Grimdo.

In the disguise of Kirisaki, Tregear waited on earth for Taro to arrive while he battled EIGS members, Homare Soya, Hikaru Raido, and Sho. Tregear revealed his true plan to them when they met. After Grimdo possessed Taro, Kirisaki vanished to meet up with his fallen friend.

The EIGS members confronted Tregear, who summoned a few kaiju to battle the New Generation Ultras after they regained their powers. After they destroyed the kaiju, the ultras tried to help Taiga turn his father back to the light until Tregear stopped them. They managed to push through Tregear however, and the latter truley came to realize that he had lost everything. This caused him to succumb to madness and despair, offering himself to Grimdo. He sacrificed his physical form to restore the kaiju to full power. While his body was gone, his essence put him in full control of=ver the monster.

Now called Tregear-Grimdo, he overpowered all of the ultras. But Taro came up with an idea. He advised the New Generation Heroes to fuse with Taiga's Ultra Horns while he would distract Tregear-Grimdo. This allowed them to fuse into Ultraman Reiga, giving him the power to deflect Tregear-Grimdo's attacks. Finally, Reiga shot Grimdo in the eye with his Reiga Ultimant Blaster. Tregear called out to Taro in sorrow. And with that, Tregear was truley destroyed.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Abusolute Conspiracy

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  • Teleportation: Tregear has the ability to appear and disappear anywhere in his sight.
  • Projection: He can project himself from computer or television screens to communicate others, as well as teleporting and travelling towards them.
    • Trera Phantasma (トレラ・パンタスマ Torera Pantasuma): Tregear has the ability to projected scenes and certain events of what will happen next elsewhere.
  • Transcendence of Life and Death: Due to Grimdo's power, Tregear is capable of cheating death by using his alternate counterparts as his replacement body. This allow him to survive near death experiences and even the firepower of a combined Ultra.



  • Tregear is the second Ultraman in the franchise to be become genuinely evil, with Ultraman Belial being the very first.
  • It has been explained that Tregear's true strength is sealed behind the gear that covers his Color Timer, with this possibly foreshadowing his return after he was defeated by Taiga in the final episode.
  • Tregear's story is considerably a re-telling of Belial's, as he is an evil ultra who once resided in the Land of Light as a good guy, who later abandoned the planet after turning to the path of evil. Unlike Belial, who was banished from the Land of Light and was deluded by Alien Rayblood, Tregear chose to leave it due to occasional conflicts and sorrow growing up and deluded himself into believing the Ultra warriors' ideals were wrong.

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