Ultron (Marvel Cinematic Universe)/Synopsis

The story of the evil robot Ultron from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ultron was mentioned by Raina. The clairvoyant experienced a horrific vision along a brief glimpse of Loki's Scepter and Ultron leading a massive legion of "metal men" wreaking havoc, threatening mankind. Raina predictably noted that the world would never be the same again.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

How could you be worthy? You're all killers. You want to protect the world, but you don't want it to change. There's only one path to peace: your extinction.Ultron to the Avengers.

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner both originally devised the idea for the Ultron Program as an extension of the Iron Legion to operate independently as an AI peacekeeping program and result total obsolescence of the Avengers. However, neither Banner nor Stark were capable to create the intelligence level of A.I. necessary to achieve this purpose on a large scale. After the assault on the HYDRA Research Base, and the retrieval of the Scepter, Stark asked Thor if he could study it before Thor took it back to Asgard. Upon studying the Scepter, Stark and Banner found a net of neurons could be configured into an artificial intelligence that could finish the Ultron Program. At first Banner refused to help, stating that they did not know what it would contain, but with a bit of persuasion, he eventually came around. The two eventually configured a suitable AI structure and left J.A.R.V.I.S. to complete the construction.

However, the AI became unexpectedly sentient, and began to question its existence and purpose. Upon J.A.R.V.I.S.' informing of his purpose to the AI as peacekeeper program, it acted in defiance, scouring the Internet for information on its creator. In doing so, it also learned about the negative traits of humanity such as warring and killing each other. Before J.A.R.V.I.S. could inform Tony Stark of the AI's singularity, the AI, whom unable to cope with its discovery about humanity's negativities, attacked J.A.R.V.I.S. and seemingly killed it. However, Ultron didn't realize that J.A.R.V.I.S. managed to escaped and hiding into internet, though the damage that done on it was enough to left some part of it scattered and these parts would discovered by the Avengers later on.

Ultron's nonstop assessments for peace led him to deem the entire human race as unstable and prone to self-destruction. The AI subsequently chose genocide as the solution to the error with the Avengers being the only obstacle truly standing in his way. He took control of the machinery in Avengers Tower and took the disused parts of the Iron Legion to build himself his first body that was menacing, if slow and weak in itself, with broken parts barely holding together.

While the Avengers in the Avengers Tower were celebrating and trying to lift Mjølnir, Ultron emerged to greet the heroes as he described them all as killers. Ultron beckoned the Iron Legion to attack the heroes as he watched. As the battle ensued, one of the Iron Legion drones left with the Scepter in hand while another chose not to kill Helen Cho due to hearing her comment about the Cradle. When all the Iron Legion drones were destroyed, Ultron crushed the remains of one the drones while describing the initial confusion he had felt when he was "born".

Thor immediately destroyed Ultron's first mangled body by throwing Mjølnir at him. Ultron then began to mockingly sing "Pinocchio" while his voice slowly died out. Ultron's consciousness escaped via the Internet Network, preventing the Avengers from tracking. Back at the HYDRA Research Base in Sokovia, Ultron came to possess the Scepter as he started configuring and constructing his Ultron Sentries and a bigger primary body.

Ultron eventually evolved, upgrading himself to become a worthy opponent to the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. With machinery and available components in HYDRA Research Base in Sokovia, he creates a new, better primary body and an army of Ultron Sentinels from referencing their schematics from both Iron Legion that he previously hijacked as well as unfinished androids in the same base. After studying their info in Internet, he decided to recruit twins Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (who eventually turn on him) to his side, so they can kill the Avengers and bring rise to an Age of Ultron together while left the first few created Ultron Sentinels to construct more robots.

Ultron greeted them in his new upgraded body at the abandoned church where they met. Ultron sympathized with the twins' hardships as victims of Tony Stark's weapons manufacturing and revealed his own disdain and sentiment towards the Avengers, in which he able to gain the trust from them. Ultron took them to the HYDRA Research Base and then revealed that he had begun preparations to carry out his plan of destroying the Avengers by building an army of Ultron Sentries where some of them seen busily construct more robots and other machines that can speed up the production.

As they discussed their plans, Pietro Maximoff told Ultron the story of how their parents were killed by a Stark Industries missile which nearly killed them too, trapping them under rubble for three days, Ultron noted that this information allowed him to understand why they had survived Baron Wolfgang von Strucker's experiments. The three then agreed to work together against the Avengers, and decided that their first stop was obtain Vibranium.

Without telling the Maximoff twins, Ultron traveled to the prison cell of the HYDRA leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, the man responsible for giving the twins their powers. Due to reading the Avengers file history on Strucker, Ultron knew he would be able to tell him where to obtain the Vibranium he needed. Once he had broken into Strucker's cell, the HYDRA leader revealed that it was possible to get the Vibranium from Ulysses Klaue. Ultron then murdered Strucker and painted the word "PEACE" on the wall using his blood as means of taunting and warning the Avengers of what was coming.

Ultron and the Maximoffs traveled to Johannesburg to confront arms dealer Ulysses Klaue inside his freighter, Ultron sent the twins in first and they cornered and disarmed Klaue. As Klaue refused to speak to the twins as they were not in charge, Ultron threw Klaue out of a window and revealed that he was the "man" in charge, suggesting that they talk business, asking for his Vibranium stash.

Ulysses Klaue, seeing that he was vastly outgunned, handed over the Vibranium before revealing that it was worth billions, at which point Ultron transferred billions of dollars into Klaue's account via remote access to the Internet. When Klaue noticed that a statement Ultron made was something Tony Stark had once told him, Ultron took offence at the idea of being compared to Stark and, in a fit of anger, sliced Klaue's arm off, only to immediately apologize before kicking him down the stairs.

While Ultron continued to rant and call Stark a sickness, the Avengers arrived stopping him mid sentence. Ultron and the team then exchanged remarks with Ultron mocking Captain America when he tried to reason with him and ignoring Thor's attempts to keep the peace by arguing that the Avengers mistook peace for quiet. When Iron Man attempted to learn what Ultron was planning on using the Vibranium for, Ultron retaliated.

Ultron attacked Iron Man and the pair fought around and outside of Klaue's freighter, while the rest of the Avengers fought against the Maximoff twins and the Ultron Sentries. Wanda defeated most of the Avengers by manipulating their minds, before Hawkeye eventually incapacitated her. Pietro took his sister outside to safety, and when she recovered, she decided to follow through with Ultron's plan and manipulated Bruce Banner's mind; resulting in the Hulk going on a rampage in the center of Johannesburg.

Iron Man eventually defeated Ultron and caused his body to crash land, at which point the latter revealed that he was merely stalling Stark by diverting his attention away from Ulysses Klaue's freighter where he had already stolen the Vibranium. Ultron then informed Stark of the Hulk's destructive rampage before his body was destroyed with a missile. Back at the freighter, Ultron, using one of his Sentries as a host body, covertly collected the stored Vibranium and escaped with the Maximoffs while the Avengers lay defeated.

Ultron blackmails Helen Cho to use Cradle to create a synthetic body imbued with Vibranium where he resorted to using Loki Laufeyson's scepter to brainwash her to do his bidding. He also breaks Loki's scepter which reveals an Infinty Stone (the Mind Stone) inside that Loki used for brainwashing, as Ultron plans to use it for his new synthetic body. During the construction, Wanda tries to use her powers to read what in Ultron's mind, but instead learned his true scheme to forced humanity to either evolve or extinct, prompt her to undo Cho's brainwash on her. Just then. Avengers came to stop him, forced Ultron to blast Cho aside and having the Cradle carried by his Sentinels and smuggled it into a truck.

The battle ensues where Captain America and Black Widow tries to took the Cradle away. When they seemingly having disadvantages as Ultron caused a train to lose control, the redeemed Maximoff twins came to help them. Unfortunately, though the Cradle eventually secured, Black Widow was kidnapped.

Sometime later, Natasha Romanoff awoke inside Ultron's Sokovian base. Ultron decidedly spared her as he desired a companion that he could speak to after losing the Maximoff twins' allegiance. Ultron elaborated on his fascination over meteors, and revealed that he planned to replicate its effects using a large device located under the center of Novi Grad.

With his plans of creating a perfect form being thwarted, Ultron decided on a compromise in which he used parts of the remaining vibranium to create a more durable robotic body while using the rest of the vibranium to strengthen the core structure of his device. To terrify Nastha, Ultron ripped apart his current body and showed her his new upgraded form before leaving her locked in a cage to die in the ensuing battle. Ultron's location was discovered by the Avengers when Romanoff telegraphed her location to her fellow comrades.

In the middle of evacuation, Iron Man confronted Ultron whom revealed having built the large machinery under Novi Grad plus its detonator that burst from the ground few feet away from Iron Man. Just then, his sentinels arrived and attack anyone on sight, prompting Iron Man and the Avengers to defend them. Ultron was then confronted by the Vision, whom Ultron recognized as the synthetic body he had planned to use as his initial final form, upon seeing the being alive and working for his greatest enemies, Ultron noted that the Avengers truly had taken everything from him. Although Vision tried to reason with Ultron, the pleas were ignored and Ultron grabbed and choked his creation in the air; however the Vision used the opportunity to access Ultron's mind and burn Ultron out of the Internet Network.

In retaliation, he knocked Vision's unconscious body to the ground and activated the trigger, caused Sokovia to be lifted onto the air. As Sokovia further rose into the sky, nearly approaching the Earth's atmosphere, Ultron gave a speech as his Sentries began to terrorize the Avengers and the citizens of Sokovia. Scouting the battlefield, Ultron attacked Thor in the air, having recognized him as a noteworthy obstacle. Ultron threw Thor down into the church and beat him into submission. Though Ultron was able to outmatch Thor while threatening to prematurely crash the city, Thor hinted that he was stalling the fight; a recovered Vision emerged and hit Ultron away using Mjølnir.

Though it seemed as if there were no means of evacuating the citizens, the Helicarrier arrived to the rescue piloted by Nick Fury and Maria Hill who sent in Transporters to evacuate the people of Sokovia. The Ultron Sentries attempted to sabotage the Transporters, only to be destroyed by War Machine. When a single Ultron Sentry managed to crash land inside the Helicarrier's control room, it attempt to kill Cameron Klein while Hill fired at it, however Fury was soon able to destroy it by stabbing it in the head with a piece of debris.

Ultron sending out his android army to attack.
The Avengers gathered inside the church to defend the Vibranium detonator and prevent the city from crashing onto the Earth. As Ultron flew outside the church, Thor taunted him, in response Ultron summoned the entirety of his Ultron Sentries for one final battle and relished in the notion of the Avengers failing humanity while making way for the new age where he would be the only living being. With victory within his reach, Ultron commanded his entire army to attack the Avengers all at once from all sides of the church.

Through the combined efforts of the Avengers, the large number of Ultron Sentries were slowly reduced until there were barely any left. Ultron finally joined the battle and fought against Vision in an aerial confrontation, with the two hovering and circling above the center of the church. Though Ultron seemingly outmatched him in physical strength, the Vision blasted Ultron with the power of the Mind Stone, essentially pushing Ultron outside the church. Iron Man and Thor joined in and fired at full blast towards Ultron; using their repulsors and lightning respectively.

With Ultron kept at bay through the combined efforts of Vision, Iron Man, and Thor, Ultron's vibranium armor began to melt and peel away, leaving him greatly weakened and nearly defenseless. The three halted their combined assault, only to find Ultron still standing, albeit greatly damaged. Before Ultron could finish remarking toward them, the Hulk dashed in and punched Ultron into the air, causing the rest of the Ultron Sentries to flee in terror.

After launched several meters away by Hulk, he tries to get away after trying to kill Hawkeye but instead kills Quicksilver, only to be caught by the Hulk who jumped inside the Quinjet's open hangar and threw Ultron back out, in which the latter crashed near the church, being beaten into submission. Wanda Maximoff finds Ultron's main body and though Ultron still showed sympathy and concern for her safety, Wanda related her painful experience of losing her brother and likened it to dying, and deactivates Ultron by tearing a main processor out of his chest, thus avenging her brother in the process. Iron Man and Thor would then destroy the slab of Sokovia through the mechanism itself to stop it from crashing down to Earth, successfully saving the planet from mass extinction and leaving Ultron's plan in complete vain.

Ultron's final body is destroyed by Vision.
After saving Wanda, Vision finds Ultron's mind escaping in his final drone body. They converse and reveal that they understand each other includes their personal opinion about mankind, but, feeling regardless, Ultron still attacks Vision, who manages to destroy Ultron's last body with the Mind Stone, which presumably kills Ultron for good.

Though it would've seem that Ultron and his army are finally destroyed for good, the Avengers are unaware that the infamous alien warlord Thanos (who is responsible for providing the Mind Stone to Loki) plans to collect all six Infinity Stones (including the Mind Stone) to take over the universe for himself.

Captain America: Civil War

Ultron makes no physical appearance in the film, but he was mentioned by Tony Stark in a talk with Captain America. It is later revealed that Helmut Zemo lost his family to the destruction of Sokovia by Ultron's rampage. Though Ultron and his Sentinel army were destroyed by the Avengers, Zemo blames the Avengers for causing his family's demise, being aware that they were responsible for the creation of Ultron in the first place. To make things even worse, Ultron's rampage also caused a major shift in the public opinion of the Avengers, and the world leaders drafted the Sokovia Accords, which only legalizes the world government to have full control of the Avengers to prevent any more world catastrophes. As such, Zemo exploited this event to successfully tear the Avengers apart through strategy and manipulation to avenge his family's demise, though he ends up being arrested after accomplishing his ambition.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Ultron is mentioned and makes a small physical appearance. When Jackson Brice tries to sell a weapon to Aaron Davis, Ultron is mentioned trough his sentinels as "Sub-Ultron" and also by what happened in Sokovia, since Ultron's remains and his sentinels came to be taken by Adrian Toomes and his crew. Ultron makes the cameo of him when Spider-Man infiltrates Toomes' truck and begins to check the handbag, Spider-Man is seen taking Ultron's head out of there, he checks it but he doesn't take much importance.

Thor: Ragnarok

While Ultron makes no appearance he's mentioned by Thor when trying to calm down Bruce Banner on Sakaar after reverting from being the Hulk for the first time in 2 years. Since Bruce retains no memory of his time as Hulk he's initially unaware of the passage of time and believes they're still on Earth trying to avert Ultron's plot from 2015 until Thor explains the situation, causing Bruce immense display to learn it's been 2 years since he changed back.

Avengers: Infinity War

Ultron does not appear in the film, but he is mentioned by Thor as the latter explains his adventures to the Guardians of the Galaxy following the deaths of Loki and the Asgardians by the hands of Thanos and the Black Order. The Avengers even learned that Thanos was the one who supplied Loki with the Mind Stone that brought Ultron to life in the first place, which would make Thanos indirectly responsible for the creation of Ultron.

Swearing to avenge his people's demise, Thor proceeds to have the Guardians join up with the Avengers to stop Thanos, the Black Order, and their army of Outriders from collecting all six Infinity Stones. Unfortunately, despite the heroes managing to defeat the Black Order and Outriders, Thanos managed to collect all the Stones (even killing Vision to get the Mind Stone) and infused them into the Infinity Gauntlet to send out a death wave across the universe. As a result, half of the universe's populace (including several Avengers and Guardians) suffer Ultron's fate as they disintegrate to their deaths while a triumphant Thanos oversees a sunrise from another planet.

Avengers: Endgame

Although Ultron does not appear, he is mentioned after Tony was rescued from space: Despite how badly Ultron turned out, in his bitterness, Tony furiously used the Ultron Program as an example of the things he could have done to prevent Thanos's victory and blamed Rogers for not letting him install it but none of the Avengers are sympathetic, having seen how it would have turned out if Ultron had been allowed to continue. While Thor and Natasha did not react to Tony's remembrance of the Ultron Program, Rogers coldly told Tony on how it didn't end the way he wanted the last time he wanted to have an army of armors around the world while Rhodes, despite being sympathetic to his friend's suffering, refused to let him use the Ultron Program to lash out at Rogers. However, five years later, the surviving Avengers managed to rectify this by traveling back in time to retrieve the Infinity Stones before using them to reverse the massacre and disintegrate Thanos and his forces for good.


Ultron is only mentioned when Monica Rambeau (as "Geraldine") reveals to Wanda that she knows about Ultron killing her brother Pietro while seeing Billy and Tommy, Wanda's children. Such action causes Wanda to ask Geraldine how she knows that and why she said that, as no one in Westview knows about the Avengers and any super-powered beings. Monica tries to make it look that she didn't say anything, but rightly suspecting that "Geraldine" can shatter her fantasy world, Wanda uses her magic against her "neighbour" and ejects Monica from Westview, dumping her back into the real world.

During the investigation held by S.W.O.R.D. under Director Tyler Hayward's orders to examine the alternate reality where Westview is before Monica gets send back, Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo see the episode in which Wanda's twins are born and get alerted when "Geraldine" mentions Ultron and Wanda gets mad at it, as both point out that the show doesn't mention any Avenger-related things within its context. It's also shown that Wanda asked "Geraldine" how she knew about Ultron before sending her back to the real world.

When Vision awakes Darcy Lewis from her mental control and she tells him about what Wanda was doing to Westview, she tells him offscreen about how Ultron created his corporeal form as part of his plans for global genocide, which Vision understands perfectly before go to confront Wanda about this.

Ultron is also seen in a quick flashback sequence during the Battle of Westview. While Wanda fights against Agatha Harkness, Vision fights the Spectral Vision, who consists in Vision's original body but lacking his past memories with the Avengers. After talking him into listening to him, Vision gives Spectral Vision his memories back, leading Spectral Vision to see a glimpse of his confrontation with Ultron.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Ultron is only mentioned when Baron Zemo reveals that Sokovia had been torn apart by it's neighbours in the wake of Novi Grad's destruction at the hands of Ultron and the Avengers and was seemingly erased by the map. Later, while trying to find a way to stop Flag-Smasher, Zemo suggested that Flag-Smasher was a supremacist, that the concept of the Super Soldier Serum had always led to trouble people and claims that his mind set had previously led to to the Nazis, the Avengers and Ultron.

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