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What a tasty morsel! I'd love to wrap my tentacles around her!
~ Ultros, prior to attacking Terra

Ultros is a villain from Final Fantasy VI, who acts more as comic relief than a real threat. A purple octopus who antagonizes the Returners.

He first attacks the group, intending to eat them, when they take a raft to escort Banon to Narshe. He is defeated and tries to run, but Sabin jumps in the water to finish him off, only to be taken by the fast currents. He later attacks at the opera house, where he tries to foil the Returners' plan to recruit Setzer by trying to drop a heavy weight on Celes. The group chases him, and they all drop over the stage, where they fight and defeat Ultros again after another failed attempt of his to eat them.

He attacks again in the Esper Cave, where he tries to steal the Goddess Statues to show them to his rival, Siegfried. He then attacks Terra, Locke, and Strago, hoping to eat them, but then, Relm shows up, wanting to paint a portrait of Ultros. Ultros scolds her, but Terra and Locke convince Ultros to allow Relm to paint a portrait of him, which in turn attacks Ultros, forcing him to flee when he realizes what an "ugly octopus" he looks like.

He attacks the Returners for the last time when they try to reach the Floating Continent, this time bringing along his friend, Typhon (originally called Chupon). This time, Ultros intends to eat the Returners once and for all. Ultros is again defeated, and Typhon sneezes them out of the airship.

After the end of the world, Ultros starts working as the receptionist in the Dragon's Neck Colosseum, as he had been forced to pay a huge debt he had with the owner.


  • Ultros is the first and, thus far, only carnivorous villain in the entire Final Fantasy franchise.


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