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You got lives in you, hard to kill. Storm, bullets, sand and wind, yet still you walk. For now.
~ Ulysses

Ulysses is the darkly philosophical main antagonist of the Fallout: New Vegas DLC Lonesome Road, and the overarching antagonist of all DLCs for Fallout: New Vegas.

Ulysses is a former Legion frumentarius that later deserted, wanting to start a new life in a prosperous community called 'The Divide', believing that it would be his new homeland. When The Courier came into the city bringing a package containing a mysterious device, his dreams of having a new homeland was destroyed, because this device activated all of the bombs hidden in the cities of his community. Ulysses then became obsessed with the Courier, with the idea of flags and of history, and he then decided to reshape the world just like the Courier reshaped The Divide.

He was voiced by Roger Cross.


Ulysses is a sophisticated and educated villain that wants to revolutionize the world. Ever since he tragically lost his home because of the Courier's simple clumsiness, Ulysses became attached to the idea of reshaping the world by casting aside old flags of the Old World, placing himself against both Caesar's Legion and the NCR, having a desire to destroy the fragments of the Old World by destroying them, using nuclear weapons, weapons from the past, to do so.

Ulysses always tries to making parallels between the present and the past, such as the potential death of Caesar, showing that he still retains some of the Legion's philosophy. His obsession with the Courier comes from him/her being a single person, but being able to reshape the world just by being there, the DLCs involve him testing the Courier's ability to do that, and he is a foil to the Courier as well, while The Courier reshapes the wasteland gradually and potentially can change it for the better, Ulysses wants to brutally reshape the wasteland by any means necessary, trying to breed a new nation with fire.


Ulysses was once a member of a powerful tribe in Arizona called Twisted Hairs. At some point, when Caesar's Legion was still rising as a powerful force, the Twisted Hairs forged an alliance with them, helping them in the conquest of Arizona. Ulysses was one of their best scouts and was a great help in this alliance. However, after their campaign in Arizona had ended and Legion had secured their position in Arizona, Caesar promptly betrayed the Twisted Hairs, enslaving them and erasing their identity. Ulysses was a witness to the "pacification" of their main camp in Dry Wells, promoted by the sociopathic frumentarii Vulpes Inculta himself. After he lost his tribe and was assimilated into the Legion, Ulysses became one of the most important frumentarius in Caesar's army, but still kept his memory of his former tribe intact. The reason for why he became such an important frumentarius was also because of his work as a courier, still scouting for the Legion. He was the one that found out about NCR and its dominance over Hoover Dam for Caesar and once he told Caesar about NCR and Hoover Dam, Caesar became obsessed with taking down the NCR and taking control over Hoover Dam, thinking that this would create his new nation.

Ulysses continued to walk the wastes, still scouting for the Legion. During one of these scouts, he discovered a prosperous community, called The Divide, a community that seemed like it was a nation taking its first breath, emulating the Old World's symbols, manners and civilization. Ulysses took interest in the Divide, and soon started to believe The Divide could be his new homeland,  trying to escape the rigid discipline of the Legion, NCR's corrupt civilization and his past as a tribal, he saw this community as his escape route, an second chance for him. But at some point, the Divide was annexed by NCR, having then becoming an target for Caesar, who sent a small army to cut the great supply line in the Divide. Ulysses did try to save the community, but the Courier, hired by the NCR, brought a mysterious package to the Divide during the struggle between NCR and the Legion. This package was activated by one inhabitant, and it turned out it was a device that activated Old World bombs that were still under the city.

The city was then destroyed, and most of the NCR and Legion soldiers were killed. The only one that was left, was Ulysses. Ulysses was saved by defective eyebots that confused him with a American soldier. Ulysses then, became obsessed with the idea of a single person being able to change history or erase it, and also with the symbols of the Old World.

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