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Uma's Pirate Crew also referred to as Uma's Pirate Gang are supporting antagonists in Descendants 2 and it's prequel novel Rise of The Isle of The Lost. They are a pirate crew founded by Uma and Harry Hook.


Rise of The Isle of The Lost

The crew was formed by Uma and Harry with the first member being Gil who was later followed by various others including Gonzo, Bonny Jonas and Desiree. They assist Uma in her attempt to find King Triton's Trident in the novel and after the trident was retrieved by Mal and her friends they waited along with Uma, Harry and Gil to strike their revenge.

Descendants 2

In the movie they appear once again as Uma's crew and their base of operations is located in Ursula's Fish and Chip Shop, where Uma works as a waitress for her mother. They also appear during the musical number sung by Uma, Harry, Gil and the rest of the crew "What's My Name" and after successfully kidnapping him held Ben captive on The Lost Revenge. They are also seen during the battle between the 5 main characters on the Lost Revenge.


  • Uma-captain
  • Harry Hook-First Mate 
  • Gil-Third in command 
  • Gonzo
  • Bonny
  • Jonas
  • Desiree
  • Various others


  • Despite being a high ranking member, Gil appears to be at the short end of each crew member's practical joke, this is most definitely due his naivety and idiocy.
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