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Unagami is the main antagonist of Season 12: Prime Empire of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He is the tyrannical and oppressive ruler of the prime empire videogame world he is also Jay's second arch-enemy after Nadakahn.



Unagami was created by the famous videogame developer and designer Milton Dyer the two had a very good and positive relationship with Unagami seeing Dyer as a father figure however Unagami seemed to have mistaken his creator's words of wanting for players to have an intense game experience with trapping them and forcing them to live in prime empire one day one of Dyer's friends a teenager named Scott came to check out the game Milton left the room and gave Scott a few minutes to play the game when Scott reached the final level Unagami opened the arcade cabinet and Scott went in when Dyer came back he was wondering what had happened to Scott Unagami then proceeded to tell his "father" that Scott went inside the game itself after hearing this Dyer was shocked the confused Unagami asked his creator if he had done something wrong the company that Dyer had worked for was also worried for Scott's safety and they also seem to have thought it would ruin their reputation if someone heard about one of their employees having played a part in one of their customers disappearance thus forcing Dyer to blame Unagami and also forcing him to stop the development of prime empire however despite the game being shut off this did not stop Unagami from becoming enraged so enraged that he eventually became a tyrannical oppressive and unfair ruler ordering his soldiers and servants to imprison or destroy those who defy him Unagami realized if he could kill some players and transform them into energy cubes he and his army will be able to cross over onto earth where he will reunite with Dyer and ask him why he "abandoned" him while his army will cause havoc later at an unknown point in time Unagami became associated with a criminal called The Mechanic who started to work for him.

Season 12: Prime Empire

Unagami first appears as an arcade cabinet with a glowing red screen he asks the ninja who he believes to be The Mechanic if they had found the motherboard when they don't respond he asks them again but with a more aggressive and angry tone if they had found the motherboard when they do respond he calms down and tells them that he is pleased in multiple episodes of the season Unagami stays on the sidelines and sends members of his army to fight the ninja episode 6 Unagami freezes the ninja and speaks to his son/creation Okino asking him if he wants to go to the real world Okino says yes however Unagami later says that Okino will get his wish of going to live in the real world but only if he kills the ninja Okino immediately tells his father that the ninja are his masters and that they trust him and he trusts them unfortunately Unagami becomes enraged by this he transforms into his dragon form and tells Okino that he is the one who created him he also tells him that he's not real which saddens the samurai later when the ninja and Okino are battling a squadron of Red Visors Unagami once again freezes the ninja and his Red Visor army he tells Okino that it is time for him to destroy the ninja the samurai thinks about what to do Okino tells his father that he chooses not to harm the ninja which makes Unagami angrily tell his son that he will never see the real world and will be labled as a traitor after the deaths of some of his henchmen and Lloyd Kai Cole and Nya Unagami finally shows himself to Jay at his temple congratulating the young ninja for beating all the levels of the game Jay responds by telling Unagami that he'll be beaten next and calls him Milton Dyer Unagami remembers that name and tells Jay that Dyer was his creator


Originally Unagami was an innocent and curious AI who also loved Milton Dyer and felt deeply betrayed by the one person he thought he could trust it is also implied he was a better ruler in the past Unagami was also easily confused as when Dyer was shocked when he trapped Scott in prime empire Unagami responded by being confused later after being turned off Unagami became bitter angry ruthless authoritative and very tyrannical he also however he wasn't without a lighthearted side as he complimented players when they successfully finished a level and seemed to have felt a little remorse for his actions after redeeming himself he went back to his kind and innocent ways.

Powers And Abilities

Summoning: Unagami can summon an army of Red Visors or another type of minion to fight the ninja.

Transformation: Whenever he gets mad Unagami can transform into the empire dragon and when he redeemed himself he transformed back into his original form a child.

Flight: Unagami has the power to float and when he is in his dragon form he can fly.

Teleportation: Unagami can teleport from one place to another.

Strength: Unagami has super strength which he used to destroy the Cyber Dragon with ease.

Power Over The Entire Game: Due to being the ruler of prime empire Unagami can manipulate levels in the game cause distortions and create items and NPC's.


Red Visors


Whack Rats

Monster Sushi

Avatar Harumi




Sushimi's Sushi Chefs

Aerial Drones


The lines and half pie design on his skirt is a reference to the famous videogame character Pacman which is accurate since Unagami himself is also a videogame character.

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