I own this quarry and every rock that comes from it. *laughs* There lies my fortune.
~ Unbaba while overlooking his workers mine Metal X.

Unbaba is a major antagonist in the Cyborg 009 episodes "The Land of Reunions" and "Goodbye, My Friend". He is the dictator of the West African nation of Muamba. He was installed as president of Muamba after the nation gained independence from the country Plutonia. However, after discovering Metal X, an ore the world was looking to as its next energy source, Unbaba was convinced by the Plutonians to turn his presidency into a dictatorship. Thus, Unbaba forced the Muamban people to mine the ore so he could make a profit selling it.


Unbaba is first seen watching his citizens mine Metal X. A riot soon breaks out and Unbaba sends out tanks to quell it. However, a mysterious supertank appears and blasts the two tanks. An individual in a black bodysuit then comes out of the cockpit and offers the tank to the rebels.

Unbaba later sends out his forces to obliterate the Black Monster, but to no avail, as the Black Monster repels them all. He attempts to contact Plutonia for reinforcements, but they do not respond. However, the same bodysuited individual appears and escorts Unbaba into hiding.

The escort takes Unbaba into a bunker where he meets Commander Fuerge and Skull. Skull tells Unbaba that he is aware of his situation, and that his organization possesses weaponry that is much more powerful than the Black Monster. Skull offers to sell some to Unbaba, but Unbaba expresses skepticism towards Skull's claims. Skull has the escort, who he calls "Number One", take Unbaba to a demonstration of their weaponry's power.

Unbaba watches gleefully as Black Ghost's tanks obliterate the rebel forces. However, the 00 cyborgs appear and disable the tanks. Unbaba expresses anger at Fuerge, but Fuerge just slaps him and orders the Cyborgmen piloting the tanks to kill the 00 cyborgs.

Later, Cyborgman #1 captures Cyborg 008 and brings him to Unbaba's headquarters, where the oppressive dictator tortures him with electricity as revenge for destroying his tanks. Eventually, Fuerge stops him, saying they need 008 alive in order to get rid of the other 00 cyborgs.

Unbaba watches with Fuerge as the cyborgs are disabled with an electrical charge. However, Cyborg 009 destroys the machines generating the charges. Unbaba ponders what Fuerge is going to do next, but Fuerge simply decides to leave. Unbaba attempts to go with Fuerge, but the commander knocks him into a wall, with the blow apparently killing him.


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