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I fucking put him out of his misery. He was gonna die, anyways.
~ Donnie explaining why he killed Petey.

Uncle Donnie is the titular antagonist of a 1999 audio sketch by Adam Sandler. He is a heavy drinker and thief.


Donnie and his three nephews, Al, Pete and Johnny test a stolen boat at Lake Winnisquam, New Hampshire while drunk. He let Petey test out the ski, which made the latter wipe out with the rope. Donnie put the boat on "reverse action" and cut off Petey's leg before running him over with the boat.

He let a mourning Al take a test run before letting him plow into a solid wood wall. He told Johnny to help Al so Donnie would kill both of them. Now that the officers arrive, Donnie cut off one of his hands with the boat so that they think he was a victim to a serial killer.

This didn't fool the officers. So, Donnie jumped into the water and got run over by the officers, cutting him up with the motor and eventually killing him.


Uncle Donnie is an unlikeable drunk who peppers his speech with profanity as well as being vicious towards his three nephews. He gets upset when others count or mourn losses as shown when he grabs Johnny's arm after Johnny counted how many shots of rum he had, making Donnie say that only a fucking old woman counts.


  • Uncle Donnie was voiced by comedian/actor Adam Sandler, who also voiced The Peeper.
  • Parts of Uncle Donnie were recycled in the 2012 film That's My Boy for the character Donny Berger.


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