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You won't shout as I fiddle about...
~ Uncle Ernie

Uncle Ernie is an antagonist in The Who's Tommy. He is introduced in the song "Fiddle About" as Tommy's "wicked uncle", who molests the boy while babysitting him. Because Tommy is deaf, dumb and blind, he is unable to tell his parents what Ernie did to him.

Years later, as portrayed in the song "We're Not Gonna Take It", Tommy has apparently forgiven Ernie and hired him as his assistant in his new church. Ernie's main job is to show the converts to their pinball machines.


  • In the 1975 film adaptation, he is portrayed by The Who's drummer, Keith Moon, as an alcoholic deviant who molests Tommy offscreen, whooping, hollering and laughing as he does it. When Tommy's parents return home, Uncle Ernie is sitting and reading a newspaper as if nothing has happened. Tommy's father is not fooled, however, and burns Ernie's newspaper while glowering at him threateningly.
  • In the Who's 1989 live performance of the Tommy album, Uncle Ernie was portrayed by Phil Collins.