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Nobody will find me because I'm old, cranky and, by gum, people are afraid of me!
~ Uncle Grimmly

Uncle Grimmly, also known as The Hermit of the Darkness, is one of the portrait ghosts released by King Boo that appears in Luigi's Mansion and its 3DS remake. According to his biography, Uncle Grimmly tends to keep himself in the darkness without problem, which doesn't seem to mind to the rest of the family. He is one of the ghosts encountered in Area 4.


Uncle Grimmly resides in the Wardrobe Room located in the second floor in the mansion. After the lightning caused a power outage in the entire mansion, Uncle Grimmly locked the Breaker Room preventing Luigi from using the generator switch to return the electricity in the mansion. Professor Elvin Gadd informs Luigi about Uncle Grimmly residing in rooms with mirrors (in the 3DS version, Professor E. Gadd says "rooms with clothes and a mirror" instead).

When Luigi enters the Wardrobe Room, he sees Uncle Grimmly hovering in front of a mirror. He will try to scare Luigi by lifting up his hand and wailing. However, he accidentally exposes his heart in the process, helping Luigi vacuum him in the process. After Uncle Grimmly is caught, he will drop the key to the Breaker Room and Luigi will be able to restore the energy.



  • Uncle Grimmly's portrait number in Professor E. Gadd's gallery is 20.
  • It's unknown who is his sibling, considering he is an uncle in the family.


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