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Ass to ass!
~ Uncle Hank as he introduces the women to his degrading process.

Uncle Hank is a minor antagonist of the 2000 film adaptation of the 1978 book Requiem for a Dream.

Uncle Hank is a licentious man who admires making profits over the pain and pleasure of women. He is a reliable right-hand for Big Tim, a notorious pimp who lives at New York City.


Requiem for a Dream: Winter

Uncle Hank regularly helps Big Tim bring in all of the women from New York into a degrading act of sex wherein two women get drugged with cocaine and get anally violated from a greased up and double sided black dildo.

Hank refers to the process as "ass-to-ass". He let a frightened Marion Silver be one of his victims. By the end of the act, he and his compatriots chant "CUM" so that they will hear the women groan.

Black Swan

He appeared at the train where Nina Sayers is at and gave her a lecherous look.


  • Uncle Hank was portrayed by Stanley B. Herman, who collaborates in other Darren Aronofsky films.
  • Uncle Hank's only quote became a notorious internet meme.
  • Uncle Hank's character outside of Requiem for a Dream made a cameo in Darren Aronofsky's 2010 film Black Swan.
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