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Uncle Phil Green is the main antagonist of the movie Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (known in the US version as Nanny McPhee Returns). He is portrayed by Rhys Ifans who previously portrayed Adrian and Vladis Grutas and would later portray TV miniseries version of Captain Hook and the Lizard.


Uncle Phil is a heavy gambler who gambled the farm of his sister-in-law Isabel to this organization. They were threatening his kidneys if he didn't pay up. He tried to get her to sign the contract in town,and even released expensive pigs into the wild,but is outsmarted by the sister-in-law's kids,and Nanny McPhee.His most treacherous act was making a false telegram that his brother Rory was killed in action, but is soon found out that he was in MIA (Missing In Action) Miss Topsey and Miss Turvey soon arrive to stuff him, but are blown out due to the Nanny hitting her stick on the ground. He remained handcuffed in the kitchen, Receiving an unknown fate after his brother returns home and reunite with his wife, children, nephew and niece.

Plots to Take the Farm

  • In town wanted her to sign.
  • Comes out in a storm to get her to sign.
  • Releases prized pigs into the wild so they couldn't pay for the tractor.
  • Faked a telegram saying that his brother was killed.

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