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We will now purge. We will torture you and violate your flesh. Remove your skin and share in your blood. That is the American way.
~ Uncle Sam preparing to kill Roan and Leo.

Uncle Sam is a supporting antagonist in the 2016 horror film The Purge: Election Year. He is the leader of a group of Russian murder tourists who visit the USA to participate in the Purge.

He is portrayed by Roman Blat.


Uncle Sam and his fellow murder tourists are shown at the beginning of the film when they are interviewed at an airport. They tell the reporter that they have come to America to take advantage of the legalized murder on Purge Night and explain that "We like Americans".

Later on Uncle Sam and his gang appear again just after Presidential candidate Charlie Roan and her bodyguard Leo Barnes kill four Purgers in self-defense. Uncle Sam steps out from behind them and tasers Roan whilst another Purger tasers Leo. The two of them are dragged out into the road by the group, who throw them down in front of Joe Dixon's store and begin beating them while Uncle Sam assures them that they love America.

He then announces that they are about to torture and kill the two of them, only for Joe and his assistant Marcos to emerge from the store and gun down Uncle Sam and his gang.


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