The Uncreated are a hostile alien race native to the Marvel universe and became enemies of the European superhero team known as Excalibur, they can be considered a parallel of Militant Atheism just as many anti-mutant groups are a parallel of real-life hate groups.



The Uncreated are not a natural species and were artificially designed by an unknown alien entity of great power, growing to despise the idea that they could never be anything but inferior to their own creator the Uncreated became homicidal and insane, seeking out their own creator and murdering it before feasting upon its corpse in a ritualistic "purification" of their culture.

The Uncreated thus became convinced that they had freed themselves from the "Supreme Being" and travelled the stars, expecting praise from other species for killing "God" - only to find that every other species had a different view on the divine and the vast diversity of beliefs drove the Uncreated into a fury, feeling that they were denied a suitable place of reverence by the other species.

Thus the Uncreated began a murderous crusade to exterminate any and all species that did not surrender theistic beliefs, becoming obsessed with proving to all the universe that "God" was indeed dead at their hands and thus earn what they felt was their proper respect and awe : those who surrendered their beliefs were spared but any species that held to theistic beliefs were exterminated without mercy and entire civilizations were wiped out as the Uncreated began their quest to reshape the stars in their own twisted image.


Uncreated technology in action.

The Uncreated are vaguely humanoid creatures with sharp claws and spines across their bodies that can be used for melee-combat, the most dangerous trait of these creatures however is their advanced technology - sufficient to deploy planet-wide assaults capable of wiping out life on a global-scale.

In some issues they have also been shown fire their spines out like quills (as occured in a confrontation with one of the Nova Corps).


  • the Uncreated, ironically, have become ruthless alien "gods" dedicated to forcing their own beliefs on others - this parallels the paradox of how extreme atheism mirrors fanatical theism : thus making both ends of the spectrum equally dangerous.


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