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The Uncreated are a fictional alien race native to the Marvel universe and became enemies of the European superhero team known as Excalibur, they can be considered a parallel of Militant Atheism just as many anti-mutant groups are a parallel of real-life hate groups.

The Uncreated were apparently an artificially engineered race, created by an unknown giant insectoid cosmic being for
reasons unrevealed. Named the Works because they knew the fact they were created, they believed they could only aspire to be good creations, since the proven existence of a "Superior Being" would always remind them they were inferior no matter what they achieved. Minus the religious concept of faith, the Works developed a species-wide inferiority complex that eventually drove them to scour space in search of their god. After killing it and partially devouring its corpse, they renamed themselves the Uncreated, since they proved themselves superior to their creator, thus “recreating” themselves in their own image. Flush with victory, they traveled the stars, expecting some acknowledgement of their great deed since they believed that their “Superior Being” was everyone’s god, only to find that no other race they encountered considered the Uncreated’s “Superior Being” as any way related to their own perspective pantheons and belief systems. Angered at the other races refusal to acknowledge “God” was truly dead, the Uncreated began a crusade to force other planets to convert to Atheism in order to progress in the universe; any planet that refused was deemed dangerously inferior, and the Uncreated would exterminate all life on that world.
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