It's been 5000 years since our empire was born deep inside the Earth. We predate the light. We've been living in solitude in deep the darkness. But that will soon be history! Our deep and magnificent empire knows only one leader. Our king has announced we will conquered that world that is overflowed by light.
~ Anagmas' speech announcing the Tube's invasion of the surface world.

The Underground Empire Tube (地底帝国チューブ) are an imperialist underground society seeking to conquer the surface world and the main antagonists of Hikari Sentai Maskman.


Tube was originally a peaceful kingdom ruled by the Igam family. They were at one point terrorized by a beast called Lethal Doggler but the beast was slain by the Igam family.

The Igam family were later overthrown by a mysterious figure named Zeba, who seized control of the underground and became the new ruler of the Tube Empire. As Emperor, Zeba turned Tube into an oppressive and warmongering kingdom and enslaving its human population.

Learning that the Igam family's two surviving children, Igam and Iyal, would be his downfall, Zeba kept the two apart from each other. Desiring to add the surface world to his dominion, Zeba sent Iyal to the surface as a spy. However, Iyal fell in love with Takeru and decided to warn him about the Tube invasion, causing Zeba to seal her in ice as punishment.

Eventually, Zeba is exposed as being the descendant of Lethal Doggler named Lethal Doggler II. After his plan to spread darkess across the world was foiled, Lethal Doggler II was slain by the Maskman, allowing Iyal to reclaim the throne of Tube and reform the kingdom.


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