The Underground Hacker Clan was a group of hackers on Halo that distributed hacked weapons invented by Justin. They have done dealings with Arbiter and Master Chief, as well as the hacker clan Chaos Theosis.


They were first encountered by our two main characters when Timothy took them to Hacker's private server to supply them with the weapons they needed to crash Trent Donnovich's wedding.

Chief and Arbiter later went to their base again undercover to obtain the hacked weapons so they could give them to the TOSERS so they could analyze them and fix Halo: Reach to render them ineffective at their main purpose.

However, Adam McIntyre was also visiting the Underground Hackers and quickly recognized Arbiter and Master Chief, telling the Hackers that they were undercover TOSERS. This prompted a shootout between the Hackers and Chief and Arbiter, which resulted in most of the Hackers, including their leader, being fragbanned by the duo.

Members and Affiliates

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Noob Control

Chaos Theosis

Eugene's Clan


Underground Hacker Clan
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