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Undine is a minor antagonist in the third season Batman. She is the Joker's henchwoman and an accomplice in his surfing scheme.

She was portrayed by Sivi Aberg.


Undine is the hench-girl to the Joker in the third season episode of the Batman live action television series Surfs up, Joker's under (1967).

The plot of the episode concerns the Joker's attempt to become surf champion of Gotham, in order to profit by it. To this end, the Joker uses an electronic device to steal another surf champ's skills. However his plot is foiled by Batman, Robin and Batgirl, Batman defeating the Joker in a surf contest, leading to the capture of the "clown prince of crime" and his gang.

Undine, a blonde in a white bikini, works undercover for the Joker at the "Hang 5" surfers joint. She helps him get rid of a surf board designer and kidnap the surfing ace Joker wants in order to steal his surfing abilities.

She is captured at the end along with the Joker and his men.


  • "Surf's up, Joker's under" is a sort of attempted spoof of the "beach party" movies, only recently out of fashion in 1967, and Undine (the name means water sprite) looks like a typical beach party movie girl - but this one has gone very wrong. A nice change from the arch villain female assistants who go soft, or fall for Batman and change sides, Undine, despite her beach bunny appearance, is a hardened criminal. And again, unlike some of the molls in the series, she is an active and eager participant in the Joker's criminal activities. She shows her sadistic and ruthless nature when she delights in the caped crusaders being pierced with deadly needles and being turned into surfboards. Her downfall is a dull affair, merely being arrested at the end of the big fight, in which, typically of the series, she has played no part, merely stood around watching the action.
  • Retroactively, Undine has similarities with Harley Quinn, as both are blonde henchwomen and accomplices for the Joker.