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Wheeeigh! Your beak looks ribbed for my pleasure!
~ The unicorn before trying to attack Robot Chicken in the 100th episode.

Unicorn is a recurring antagonist in the animated sketch comedy series Robot Chicken.

He is voiced by George Lowe who is best known for voicing Space Ghost.


In contrast to the innocent personality often associated with unicorns, this particular one from Robot Chicken is depicted as a kinky, homosexual pervert who frequently fools or forces minors into performing disturbing sexual acts with him. He also appears to be a sadomasochist judging by his reaction to being injured in Doube-Edged Horn and The Rescue (he said that getting stuff shoved up his anus felt nice in the previous sketch and said "That's not half bad, actually" in response to being brutally injured by the show's titular poultry in the latter sketch).


The unicorn makes his first appearance in Unicorn Mayonnaise from the episode Suck It where he fooled the Nerd into giving him a handjob naked. The Nerd subsequently uses the unicorn's "mayonnaise" as a condiment for his sandwiches, with his friends being visibly disgusted when they realize what the horse had done after hearing where he had gotten it.

The unicorn next appears in The Lion, the Witch and the Locker, giving the Nerd a ride. Both of them appear in principal's office at the end of the sketch after the Nerd decapitates a bully of his with a sword.

The Nerd is seen dragging the unicorn's head in Beginning Season Five.

The unicorn appears once again in Double-Edged Horn where he's summoned by a teenage girl whose boyfriend he becomes attracted to and later tries to rape. The girl puts him back into the book she summoned him from and burns it, presumably killing him.

The unicorn returns in The Rescue amongst Fritz Huhnmorder's defenses tasked with preventing Robot Chicken from rescuing his wife. When the unicorn lowers his head in an attempt to use his horn to attack his opponent, the bionic bird shoves his horn up his anus before throwing him out of the window to his death. Despite this, the unicorn would later reappear as an audiobook character in the episode Slaughterhouse in the Prairie. In the episode he was shown taking away two children's clothing in an audiobook in an attempt to force them into one of his perverted acts.

The unicorn reappears once again in the Robot Chicken Walking Dead special, tricking Rick Grimes into one of his perverted acts under the promise of helping him find gasoline. Rick is later seen riding him with a traumatized look on his face, with the unicorn making a comment suggesting that he intended to do something revolving around his hair.


  • In most of his appearances the unicorn is shown to have silver hooves and horn. However, in The Lion, the Witch and the Locker, he had golden hooves and horn instead of the regular silver ones.

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