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The Unicorn Minosaur is the main antagonist in episode 2 of 2019 TV series called Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger and its a Unicorn-themed Minosaur that was created by the members of Druidon Tribe from the negative emotion of Takanori Mishima, based on his desire to defeat his rival and become the top fencer in Japan and a cool dad.


He was first seen on a dam where it cried out "Ichiban" and fought the three Ryusoulsger thankfully he'd used its' speed to dodge the Ryusoulger's attack.

However due to failed attempt to defeat this minosaur they were ambushed by Kureon and a couple of Drunn Soldiers, after that the Unicorn minosaur got away.

A while later it was getting a lot bigger due to more negative emotion that Takanori Mishima was producing, and it was already at the dam where it made its first appearance reasons why is to eliminate the competitors of the fencing tournament.

Thankfully this minosaur has a weakness if you take a closer look this Minosaur was breathing through its mouth, so what better way to stop it from using any of its ability is by clogging its mouth. After that he was destroyed by KishiRyuOh in its default form.


  • Its appearance is based on Gnome from 2013 TV series called Kamen Rider Wizard.
  • Its theme and fencing skills is some how matches to the Unicorn Zodiarts from 2012 TV series called Kamen Rider Fourze.


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