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Unicron is the overarching antagonist of the IDW transformers series.

IDW 2005

Unicron was one of the oldest beings in the universe born from the dying planet and the one who gave Unicron life would later use him against the cybertronians who destroyed his planet and his daughter. Unicron fought Primus the god of the Transformers and the soul of the alien used the lifeless body of Unicron to destroy the transformers and earth. During the events of the Unicron mini series Unicron where he used the maximals and bludegeon to destroy cybertron unlike previous versions of the character this Unicron actually suceeded in destroying Cybertron and was only stopped whe Optimus Prime sacrfices himself to make peace the the alien scientist who made unicron into what he is now. After this Unicron exploded into pieces thus ending the life of the destroyer.


Unicron's origins in the IDW comics is simliar to the cartoon series. This was disliked by many and was changed with him being brothers with primus.