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It was huge, I mean it had to be over 6 foot tall, and it had scales.
~ Candace St. Clair describing its appearance.

The Uninvited Guest was the nameless main antagonist of the A Haunting episode Tunnel of Death. It is a demonic entity that followed Candace St. Clair back to her house and terrorized her family.

It was portrayed by Tony Wade.


In the spring of 2010, Candace St. Clair and her husband Jon visited an old mining tunnel in Grundy, Virginia to do some ghost hunting. While there, Candace felt the presence of an entity and managed to get a glimpse of it. When she goes to check it out, the demon runs through her and she starts to feel uncomfortable, so they leave.

Little did she know, the demon followed her home. The first night at their new house, Candace gets up to change the thermostat and is touched on the arm by an unseen force. When she turns around, there's nothing there.

Candace hires some paranormal investigators to conduct an investigation. The investigators conduct a flashlight EVP session, where they ask the entity questions and it responds by turning on a flashlight (one flash for yes, two for no). It is here, Candace is able to figure out that the demon followed her home from the tunnel and that she has spiritual gifts, which the demon could sense.

After finally seeing the demon for himself, Jon agrees that they need help and hire a priest to bless the house. After the blessing, the house is quiet for a while. But one day, Candace goes up to get her daughter Jacey only to find the demon disguised as Jacey. The demon gets off the bed, runs downstairs, and scratches Jacey on the face. Realizing that the demon is there to stay, the St. Clairs decide to move out of the house.



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