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The whipping you got ain't nothing like what I got here for ya!
~ Union trying to goad Rocky into fighting him.

Union Cane is a major antagonist in the 1990 film Rocky V. He was a young boxer working for George Washington Duke until the events of the film.

He was portrayed by Mike Williams.


Following Ivan Drago's defeat at the hands of Rocky Balboa, Duke decided to exploit Rocky's success by convincing him to enter into an exhibition match against his top boxer Union Cane.

To that end, Cane is willing to goad Rocky into accepting the offer, but Rocky refuses as he has developed brain damage following his fight against Drago. Of course, Cane refuses to accept this, even hounding the Balboa family alongside Duke and his right-hand man Merlin Sheets in hopes of gaining Rocky's approval for the match, much to the Balboas' annoyance.

However, Cane defeats an unnamed opponent to fill in for the vacant title, but Duke is still determined to get Rocky into the ring by all means necessary. Eventually, Duke finds another opportunity in taking Rocky's protégé Tommy Gunn into the ring after the latter decided to leave Rocky since he felt tried of living under his shadow.

Taking the opportunity, Duke arranges for an exhibition match between Gunn and Cane, in which Gunn defeats Cane by knockout to win the title. Despite this, the audience and press jeers Tommy for abandoning Rocky, even pointing out that Cane was nothing but a paper champion as he didn't won the title from Rocky.


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