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No! But I-I-I told you sh*t. I told you everything.
~ Union Official.

The Union Official is the minor antagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV The Ballad of Gay Tony.



He is a union official working for the Messina Crime Family.

Capture and torture

Rocco Pelosi captured the Union Official by strapping him to a caddy and attempting to hit him with a golf ball. Luis Lopez hit him with this a few times and the Union Official revealed the informations about the Messinas, however soon they are interrupted by the Messinas. After killing the mob, Rocco drove the cart with the Union Official while Luis drove another one with Tony to escape from the mobsters.

The Union Official fully revealed the head of the LTA working for the Messina Crime Family, and this led to his assassination in his private jet in the next mission.

Determinant fate

The Union Official’s fate is dependent upon Luis’ choice: Either the player kills him or leaves him and the Union Official is never seen again.

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