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Unit, also known as Drone, is the titular main antagonist-turned-anti hero of the short film Sonic Drone Home. He is a drone Badnik created by Dr. Robotnik programmed with self-awareness and independent thoughts.


Unit is the first of Eggman's robots to go rogue after Robotnik was presumed to be dead due to the collapse of his Death Egg Robot/Mecha Eggman that Super Sonic had caused. Resemblance-wise, with the exception of his upgraded form, Unit shares the same look as its other fellow non-Buzz Bomber-esque Eggman units. In his upgraded form, it had a completely wrecked car for a torso, traffic lights for lasers, a worn-out ceiling fan for a propeller, rusted metal claws for hands and various other torture devices fused into its briefly upgraded mechanism. This Unit has a special power that most of Eggman's other Units do not have, that being the ability to self-upgrade itself using any metallic object in the surrounding premises.


Unit appears to be hostile towards Sonic at first, intent on succeeding on his initial programming on obliterating Sonic, Tails and the now reformed Knuckles using his upgraded form, however, inches near to fulfilling what Robotnik failed to do, Sonic managed to somehow override its initial programming by taking advantage of its self-awareness which caused it to rethink its motives, and after expressing its hidden passion for poetry by reading its personal poem towards a captive Sonic and Tails, and having its upgrades be smashed to bits by Knuckles, Unit now lives a nice, humble, pacifist(?) life as a poet with Tails, where it will attempt to "take over the world with its poetry".


  • Unit's role as a self-aware robot attempting to succeed Robotnik is similar to the role of the Lone EggRobo from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  • Unit's redemption arc is similar in vein to that of E-102 Gamma, in that it was initially a mindless Eggman robot hellbent on fulfilling its initial programming created by Eggman, but underwent a change of heart and went rogue after a bit of chat with one of the heroes (in this case, Sonic) and ended up going rogue and defying its initial programming. Unlike Gamma, however, Unit does not die after its admittedly short redemption arc concluded, and instead lived a nice, humble life as a poet alongside its master, Tails.
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