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The United Earth Directorate, abbreviated as UED, is the Earth government formed out of the United Powers League and the main antagonistic faction of the StarCraft expansion pack Brood War.

As the United Powers League, they were the ones responsible for exiling the 32,000 Terrans outer into space that would form the first Terran government in space, the Terran Confederacy, in order to see if space could be colonized.

Generations later, after the discovery of the Zerg and the Protoss, the United Earth Directorate would deploy an expeditionary fleet to eliminate the extraterrestrials before they could reach Earth and bring the Terrans back under their fold.


After the discovery of the existence of the Zerg and Protoss, many countries that had originally opposed the United Powers League joined up with it to fight the perceived threat posed by the extraterrestrials, forming the United Earth Directorate.

For the next few months, the UED distantly monitored the activity of the alien races, studying them to find their strengths and weaknesses. Once they had gathered enough information on the alien races, the UED Council readied an expeditionary fleet to send to the Koprulu Sector with the objective to overthrow the Terran Dominion, reassert UED control and eliminate the Zerg and Protoss. The fleet was commanded by Admiral Gerard DuGalle and Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov.

Upon the discovery of a second Zerg Overmind, the fleet was ordered to seize it and use it to control the Zerg to assist in their campaign against the Terran Dominion. After teaming up with a group of Confederate remnants rebelling against the Dominion led by Samir Duran, the UED fleet were able to recover the Psi-Disruptor developed by the Confederacy and utilized it to disrupt coordination between the Zerg, allowing them to capture and take control of the second Overmind. By using drugs to control the second Overmind, the UED were able to enslave a portion of the Zerg Swarm not loyal to Sarah Kerrigan though their control was not as certain as they had hoped.

However, the arrival and early successes of the UED fleet led to them facing an unforseen threat; with a common enemy in the UED and the belief that the UED was the greater threat, the Protoss, Terran Dominion, Terran rebels and Kerrigan's Zerg Swarm all united against the UED. The combined Terran, Protoss and Zerg forces overwhelmed the UED fleet and were able to seize and destroy the Psi Disruptor. Kerrigan subsequently slayed the second Overmind and brought the rest of the Zerg under her control, before turning on her allies and ambushing and destroying the UED fleet.

Though the fleet was destroyed, pockets of UED remnants would persist within the sector. The destruction of the fleet represented only a minor loss to the UED and in the following years the UED would turn its focus away from the Koprulu Sector to its internal affairs. Many however, feared the UED would one day return.


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