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Government cover ups were not in my job description.
~ HECU Marine

The United States Government are unseen antagonists in the original Half-Life, as they were involved in trying to have the Black Mesa Incident covered up by sending in the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit and Black Operatives to kill any witnesses.


Following the resonance cascade in which alien beings had began to infiltrate the facility under the orders of their leader Nihilanth, the United States Government planned to cover up the incident by sending in the military to kill the hostile aliens, as well as those employed at the facility who were witnesses to the incident. Black Mesa employees initially believed the military were there to help them until it became clear it was a cover operation as soldiers began massacring scientists and security guards. One of the Black Mesa employees, Gordon Freeman, began to fight back against the soldiers and killed any who stood in his way.

As the soldiers were failing in their mission, the government sent in a highly trained black operations unit to kill the employees as well as the soldiers themselves, with the endgame being to nuke the entire facility. Black Mesa was later nuked, although several survivors had managed to escape. 


During the Combine's invasion of earth, the United States Government, along with the other governments of earth, were overthrown.



  • The mysterious G-Man was originally implied to be employed by the United States Government, although it becomes clear throughout the series that he serves another group that may be aliens.
  • The expansion pack Opposing Force shows that some soldiers were not comfortable with being ordered by the government to kill civilians.
  • Along with the Nihilanth they are the bigger bads/main antagonists of Half-Life and its expansion packs, although are on opposite sides as the government is in control of the human military, whereas Nihilanth is the commander of his alien army that invade Black Mesa.
  • At the expense of the rest of humanity, the government end up paying for their activities when overthrown (and presumably eliminated) by The Combine, although this leads to the aliens conquering earth and enslaving the human race.


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