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God: Outlanders, your journey ends here!
Traveler: Who are you?!
God: The sustainer of heavenly principles. The arrogation of mankind ends now!
~ Unknown God to the Travelers.

The Unknown God, also known as The God or self-proclaimed The Sustainer of Heavenly Principles is one of the main antagonists of the 2020 Chinese fantasy action RPG game Genshin Impact and all its related works, possibly posing as the overarching antagonist of the story.

Considered an enigmatic mysterious goddess with power over space and reality, the God is ultimate threat to the Traveler who keeps the realities separated and untouched by mortals from other universes. She is also the first antagonist to appear in the game, more precisely in the introduction scene of the game. She is the who takes away the Traveler twins' ability to travel between worlds and traps them in separate worlds. After transforming the Traveler's twin sibling (depending on the player choice they could be the sister or brother) and banish the player Traveler to the Teyvat world. It's widely implied the Unknown God is the destroyer of the Travelers' world (which led the siblings to travel across other worlds) as her cubes can be seen destroying Lumine's world in the game teaser.

Her most known and popular trait is her obvious homage from the original Herrscher of the Void from Honkai Impact 3rd. Considering that the world of Genshinverse is one of the many worlds inside of the Imaginary Tree connecting it to the Houkai multi-verse it is yet to be revealed if the Unknown God is somehow connected to the Herrschers or the The Will of Honkai.

She is voiced by Rie Kugimiya in the Japanese version whom curiously also voiced her inspirational Herrscher of the Void in the Japanese version of the game and by Christie Cate in the English version.


Just like Kiana Kaslana (K-423) she is a fairly tall young woman with a slender body. She was shown to be a white-haired woman with yellow eyes that possess crosses-shaped pupils similar to those of the original Herrscher of the Void. Her hair also seems to be floating as if they were alive and moving by themselves, further analysis shows that her hair is complete is messy and possess Kiana's signature ahoge (lit. idiot hair in Japanese).


As if her physical inspiration was not enough, she resembles the original personality of Herrscher of the Void; an arrogant and haughty goddess who seems to look down of humanity as a whole and keeps a stoic and emotionless expression while keeping advantage over a battle.

However, unlike the original Herrscher of the Void, the God seems to have a code of hating humanity for crossing world to world as if they were abusing the power of God while the Herrscher is a complete heartless misanthrope who hates humanity for mere fact of existing. Until further updates, there is not much information about her psychological description.


Nothing much is known about the God except for several fan theories she may be Kiana Kaslana (Herrscher of the Void) from another alternative reality who wiped out humanity while carrying the mission of the Will of Honkai to destroy all civilization if the game is connected to Honkaiverse through the Imaginary Tree that holds countless parallel worlds.

She is first seen in the introduction scene where she came before the Travelers to intercept them from travelling across worlds, considering it an arrogance of humankind to step on the same realm of gods. After easily defeating the Travelers in the skies palace, she transforms one of them siblings into a cube and keep them as her "toy" or "hostage" the Traveler needs to save after the God banish the chosen Traveler to the world of travel; trapping them in separate worlds.

Following the events of the prelude, it is speculated the Unknown God corrupted the Traveler's twin into becoming the leader of the anti-human organization Abyss Order, a large organization of monsters that share a common hatred of humanity.





  • The Unknown God was obviously based after Herrscher of the Void in appearance, personality and even powers as a whole in tribute to the original HoV, that needless to say had an explosive popularity, being the one of the few characters of the game to be based after the original characters of Honkai Impact 3rd, but in particular, she was the only character so far be literally based after everything about the original villain. Because of her brute similarities with Kiana as a Herrscher, many Honkai players speculated that Genshin Impact was actually connected directly with the universe of Honkaiverse, using the Sea of Quanta as a justification to link the game's universe with the Honkaiverse as MiHoYo always did with many non-canon events. In fact, said theory proved to be true when MiHoYo officially confirmed the world of Genshin is one of the many worlds inside of the Imaginary Tree.
    • Others speculated she may be an alternative version of Kiana Kaslana from another universe who became a Herrscher and successfully wiped out humanity whereas the original Herrscher of the Void failed. However the most acceptable theory is that the innocent-looking Paimon may be actually the Unknown God in her weakened form since many people don't recognize Paimon's identity or species (most notable Xiangling who confuses her as an "edible exotic creature") in the world of Teyvat implying she is actually an outsider much like the Traveler and how little she knows about the world of Teyvat with a few exceptions like her knowledge with literature and culinary. Her most notable trace that connected her to the Unknown God is her hair clip that has the same cross-shape that appeared in the Unknown God's portal. To further such theory, much like the original Kiana Kaslana, the Herrscher of the Void was also a big-eater haughty princess who was portrayed in side-events as a gluttonous and greedy comic relief slaver who only thought about food and rare objects to add to her collection (considering how the Unknown God was deeply based in the Herrscher of the Void this theory may implies she borrowed much of the comic-relief Herrscher of the Void) something that Paimon is widely known for being as "useless" big eater and greedy individual.
  • Besides being one of the most mysterious character presented in the trailer so far, MiHoYo never leaked out any information about the character while all characters that already appeared in the manhua and trailer can be already explored by Internet users in the game's official site. In addition, while supposed to be treated as the main antagonist, she is actually the first villain to be encountered in the game; exactly at the game's opening cutscene.


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