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Unknown Specimen 3, also known as Spoopy or Spooper, is the third guard from the Endless Mode of Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.


Spooper appears to be a kid in an old ghost costume. The sheet is grayish and it has two eye-holes and he is wearing brownish-gray sneakers. When attacked with the axe, the sheet will get more bloodier and darker, also having an eye in his chest.

When the chase starts, Spooper totally deforms into a pinkish fleshy parasite that is floating in the air. Only one whitish-pink eye appears on the parasite, while it only has two arms.


Endless Mode

He would appear in front of the exit door to the next room. The player cannot pass him, only if the player hits him with the axe. Once the axe is used, Spoopy will disappear and wait for the player on the next door, forcing the player to hit him again.

Eventually, the Spooper as mentioned will totally deform into the parasite and the chase starts. While chasing the player, the parasite appears by itself, while the player's health slowly falls on its own, getting poisoned by the parasite. During the chase, the walls take a rusty appearance. Spooper as a bloodied kid may appear as a hallucination, disappearing when he looks at the player. Occasionally, the player will stop and vomit blood, losing health in the process. While the parasite is chasing them, the player cannot regain any lost health until they manage to escape.

If the player dies, the screen is replaced with static and red text appears that reads:

"Beyond that door is another world.
A world made of dreams...
A world where all your fantasies have come true.
A world full of everyone's sick fantasies.
A world lusting to include you."

In the HD Renovation, Spooper causes less damage and the player no longer vomits if there is another specimen chasing them.

Spooky's Dollhouse

After the player deactivates the seal box, the underground GL Labs facility begins self-destructing. Spooper attempts to block the player's escape onto a tram, but using the axe sends him away and allows the player to escape.




  • When the player vomits, there is a chance that a fetus-like creature comes out.
    • According to the developers, hitting Spooper for the final time causes spores to come out. When inhaled, a fetus is developed from the spores in the player's stomach.


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