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Such strange prey you are.
~ Tirsiak, AKA Unknown Specimen 4.

Unknown Specimen 4, also known as Tirsiak, is the fourth guard and a major antagonist of the Endless Mode of Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.


Tirsiak is the most human-looking specimen of all specimens in the whole game. She appears to be having very short white hair and red eyes. She also appears to be having ears and wolf tail which are while also making her a humanoid. It also appears that she is having deer antlers on her head. She is wearing a simple brown top and matching bottoms.


When the player starts getting chased by her, the music totally changes and the player appears in a room filled with blue mists with silhouettes of random animals that would block the player's way of escaping, which the player must destroy with the axe to proceed.

She makes 1 - 5 damage towards the player, when she damages the player she would float backwards. When she kills the player, the screen would change to a snowy place, with wolves appearing to eat the player rapidly. Once the wolves finish, a picture of the player's mutilated corpse will appear, laying on the ground lifeless.

In the HD Renovation, Tirsiak moves at the same speed, but her shadow animals require more hits to kill (although the sword can kill them in one hit). The mist is replaced with an icy screen. She no longers moves backward after hitting the player, replaced with a longer attack delay.




  • She is possibly based on the Legend Fox Woman.
  • Tirsiak's non-threatening appearance was due to Akuma Kira growing tired of drawing creepy things and decided of making something cute.
  • Tirsiak's theme "Fur Oshus" was composed by Jarren Christ, who also created the credits theme and the Spooky Kart minigame theme.
  • She is often speculated to be related to Specimen 8.


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