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Unknown Specimen 5, also known as Lisa, is the final guard of the Endless Mode of Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.


Lisa appears to be a female with very pale skin, long dirty brown hair, and a dirty dress. Her head is laying on her shoulder, while her face is frozen with a wide grin on her face. One of her eyes is missing, while the second one is white. Her body stays calm, while her head and neck shake rapidly when chasing the player.


When getting chased by her, the screen would start changing deeply into the red color, sometimes Specimen 1 would start appearing when getting chased by her. As the player keeps going, the screen will get redder and redder until Lisa appears and officially start chasing the player. The player must keep her in her sights, if not she will instantly appear behind the player, attacking the player brutally. Any time when she attacks, she will teleport anywhere towards the player. The room number will start looping until the player escapes her.

When killed by her, a picture of her appears with a centipede crawling out of her eye, while bugs are coming out of her mouth. While in her mouth, it appears that she is missing some teeth. A message appears that reads:

"You cannot dream without darkness.
You cannot wake without pain.
Tear off your foolish disguise."





  • She is based on Lisa from the P.T. demo for the canceled Silent Hills video game.
  • She is one of the two specimens who can stop the room counter from increasing, the other being Unknown Specimen 1.


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