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Fools! They'll be the perfect targets for my test. I'll get rid of all of them!
~ The Commander after spying the 00 cyborgs

An unnamed Black Ghost Commander serves as the main antagonist of the Cyborg 009 episode "Operation Auroras". He was the commander of a Black Ghost base in the antarctic and the one overseeing the production of the Mad Machine M1.


In order to force Dr. Findor to complete the Mad Machine, the Commander had his daughter Cynthia kidnapped and brought to the North Pole.

After showing Dr. Findor that they had kidnapped his daughter (in reality just Cyborg 007 in disguise) the scientist tells him how to complete it. The commander then goes to finish the weapon and has two of his soldiers bring Findor to his daughter.

Seeing that the 00 cyborgs had infiltrated the base, the Commander ordered his scientists to speed up the production of the Mad Machine, threatening to kill them if they didn't finish it soon.

After the Mad Machine was completed, the Commander drove it outside to use it against the 00 cyborgs. The Commander had the machine emit an electromagnetic wave that neutralized the cyborgs. After observing the cyborgs for a few minutes, the Commander increased the voltage, causing the cyborgs even more pain. However, Cyborg 006 uses his fire breath to disable the machine. Angered, the Commander storms back into the Black Ghost base.

He soon returns piloting a fighter plane alongside several tanks. He orders his forces to shoot the cyborgs, but to no avail. While attempted to fire upon them in his fighter plane, Cyborg 002 swoops by and sends him off course, causing him to land a few shots near the Mad Machine. These shots temporarily reactivate the machine, which emits a wave that neutralizes the Commander's plane. The Commander then crashes into his compound, destroying both him and the base.


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