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The Personal Guard alongside a group of other ninjas confronting Batman

You shall not speak of the great Ra's al Ghul!
~ The Personal Guard about Ra's al Ghul to Batman and Mr. Freeze

This unnamed League of Assassins Personal Guard is a member of the personal bodyguard of Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra's al Ghuland the League of Assassins' second in command.


The Penguin managed to capture her and put her in his Museam as one of his collection but doesn't know who it is. When Penguin is taken down and the Museam is no longer under his control, the Ninja is angered when both Batman and Mr. Freeze mention Ra's and then escapes. In order to find Ra's, Batman follows the Ninja to her hideout. The Ninja eventually fought Batman and was joined by two other members, as batman was suffering from the effects of being poisoned she managed to nearly kill him but Robin stopped her, Batman also managed to place a tracking device on her. 

Batman finds her location and enters the Chamber of the Demon where he is confronted by the Personal Guard and a group of other assassins. Talia shows up to stop the sword-wielding assassins from killing him and finds out Batman got here because of her own Personal Guard; Talia tells her she'll deal with her later.