Unown are Psychic Legendary-type Pokémon that reside in a different dimension, which made their existence debatable until they were recently discovered, and served as villains in their movie appearance.


Unown are small Pokémon. All of them are flat with a black circular design with a white eye. Each Unown have shapes that are based on the 26 letters of the English alphabet. However, there are also two other versions of the Unown, one that's shaped like a question mark, while the other is shaped like an explanation point. And unlike the other, the two Unown also have their eye half open.

Spell of the Unown

The Unown are the main antagonists of the film, since they caused the events of the entire movie.

The Unown send Spencer Hale into their dimension when he is researching them. Later, Spencer's daughter Molly releases some Unown from the stone tiles in a box in her house. The Unown, reading Molly's mind, make her wishes come true, turning Greenfield into crystal and creating Entei to be Molly's new father. Because Molly also wants a mother, Entei kidnaps Delia Ketchum, which forces her son Ash (the series' protagonist) and his friends to go after Entei to save Delia.

Eventually, Molly realizes that what she is doing is wrong and she wants to stop, but the power of the Unown goes out of control. Realizing that he has been used by the Unown, Entei allows the heroes to escape and sacrifices himself to destroy the psychic energy shield around the Unown, sending them back to their dimension. Following the Unown's defeat, Professor Hale is released from the Unown dimension and reunited with Molly.



  • Unown is the 201st Pokémon in the National Pokédex.


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