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Uraganos is a villain from Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. He is large, dim-witted, clumsy and tends to destroy things by accident due to his size and strength. Uraganos also to never seem to hear people finish their sentences, especially Circulas.

Pretty Cure Max Heart

Uraganos first appears right after the first appearance of Shiny Luminous, catching you circulate your identity and thinking about breaking the door to not fit in it. The child is scared of the mansion at first but as with the others soon gets used. Unlike you circulate Uraganos intended to go see Pretty Cure for these tell who is Light, instead of thinking as does his partner. On one occasion while watching Hikari Dusk Zone in the fridge, Uraganos see the Garden of Light to leave the mansion, frightened by his vision as a butterfly lands on her moustache. The rest of the season three alternate guardians to fight the Pretty Cure, the shape of Uraganos attack destroying everything (even getting in the situation). A melting point with Baldez to Dark King, this tells merging but they also prefer to get it over with all the Pretty Cure, using his power to the fullest and sacrificing his life to break the Sparkle Bracelets.

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