Urd is one of the main protagonists in the Ah! My Goddess series. She is introduced as an antagonist in episode 7. And the main antagonist in the episode 22. And the primary antagonist (later protagonist) in episode 16 in season 2.


She has vast supernatural powers due to being a half goddess and god.

  • Reality Warping: she can destroy and change reality.
  • Vast amount of demonic abilities: she can create a massive destruction and can possibly command other demons.
  • Vast amount of divine abilities: she can create a powerful light.
  • Superhuman strength/Invulnerability: she has a high level form of powerful strength.
  • Elemental and Teleportation abilities: she can control fire,water, wind and air. And teleport using portal or tv.
  • Magical powers: she has vast amount of magic that cast a spell or potion and can have telepathy and psychic powers.
  • Martial arts: she is well proficient in using wind and has a experience in fighting.
  • Nigh omnipotence: she can do anything she wants in a nigh level meaning not powerful like omnipotence.