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You cannot know strength until you are broken.
~ Urgot
We will rise from the rubble stronger than before. Only those who survive this city deserve it! Think how much stronger they'll be, if they live...
~ Urgot

Urgot, also known as The Dreadnought, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.

Once a powerful headsman of Noxus, Urgot was betrayed during the coup led by Jericho Swain, which left him trapped in the Dredge of Zaun. Building himself into a fearsome cyborg, Urgot now rules the criminal underworld in hopes of purging the unworthy from his new home.

The 58th champion added to the game, Urgot was released on August 24, 2010 and was reworked on July 26, 2017. He is most commonly played in the top lane.

Urgot is voiced by Paul M. Guyet, who also portrayed Grandmaster Nimzo in Dragon Quest: Your Story.


I was not reborn in the depths. I merely refused to die.
~ Urgot


Urgot was formerly a executioner for Noxus, serving his job with pride and bloodlust for his next execution. Eventually sent to Zaun to help stop a possible conspiracy, he realized this was a trap for him to not fight Jericho Swain's plans to overthrow Boram Darkwill. A furious Urgot was then dragged into the chemtech mines, going from a high executioner to a lowly slave. Learning of Zaun and Baron Voss' allowance of freedom through confession and pain in the mines, Urgot volunteered to go under this trial. Despite the baron's beliefs of easy defeat, Urgot's new sadomasochistic side overpowered her torture and command as anarchy began to grow in the mines. With control over the prison, Urgot personally modified his body with mechanical enhancements.

Eventually confronted with a Noxian spy, he realized that Noxus' empire was the weak people in it. Seeing that only survival and total freedom would work under his command, he savagely beat the spy and launched another assault on the prison, in which many prisoners escaped or perished. Urgot's brutality and legendary status grew since that day, coldly killing chem-barons and their allies alike, becoming a hero to those downtrodden and weak. Eventually hauled back into a new fortified cell by Piltover Wardens Caitlynn and Vi, it is wondered that if any cage can hold Urgot for long.

Urgot's followers latter attempted a brakout and managed to release him from his cell, but the Drednought was once again defeated by Caitlynn and Vi, and put back in his cell.


In game, Urgot takes the role of a juggernaut-type character, with him using his various mechanical enhancements to attack. Urgot can deal a bonus attack with his basic attacks using his built-in guns with Echoing Flames, launch a slowing bomb with Corrosive Charge, giving minions buffs with Purge, shielding himself before charging forward with Disdain, and fire chains to drag foes towards him (Actually being able to deliver an instant kill attack if the target is under 25% health) with Fear Beyond Death.


There is only one way to measure a man. Tear him... into... pieces.
~ Urgot

As a Noxian, Urgot values strength above all and will not hesitate to use brutal (or even lethal) methods to achieve his own ends. A sadomasochist, Urgot enjoys inflicting pain on both others and himself, as his ideology hinges on the idea that pain will help weed out the weak so that the strongest can survive, making him one of the most cruel characters in the game. While Urgot shows distaste towards the powerful Chem-Barons, this is not because of how they abuse their power but instead because Urgot believes the petty oligarchs are too weak to rule over Zaun. Because of the inherent weakness of men, Urgot believes that no men should rule, paving the way for his anarchistic views. In Urgot's eyes, the only ruler should be chaos, along with all the pain and suffering that comes with it.





  • While Urgot was originally from Noxus, he now believes that the empire is weak after Swain took over, since no ruler can know true strength.
    • Additionally, Urgot also references his role as the previous High Executioner when he tells Draven that he is a pathetic replacement.
  • Urgot's design is inspired by Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.
  • His quote "We will make Zaun great again" is a reference to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.


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