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It has begun! You will regret being born useless and human! I will show you your worst nightmares! I will give you despair... and... death!
~ Urizen
I have no name. I am power itself.
~ Urizen

Urizen is the central antagonist in Devil May Cry 5. Originally, he was introduced as the main antagonist of the story as a mysterious demonic entity who was thirst for power. His name of Urizen was dubbed by V, regarded as the mysterious hooded figure who attacked Nero and took his arm. However, in the later part of the story, it was revealed that both him and V are fragments of a revived Vergil himself, who was also revealed to be Nero's father. Years after his apparent defeat, dying Vergil splited himself into two pieces in order to fix the damages inflicted upon him for ages. However, without Vergil's humanity holding him back, Urizen became a power hungry demon who thirst for becoming stronger. He eventually became a demon emperor who was as strong as, if not worse than, Mundus.

He was voiced by Shunsuke Sakuya in Japanese version, and Daniel Southworth in English dubbed version, with the latter also voiced Vergil.



Years after his apparent death, Vergil is somehow resurrected, but dying. He soon tracked Nero as a hooded figure and rips his Devil Bringer, taking away from him and regaining his Yamato, leaving Nero to hunt him down a score to settle while fighting off the demons’ wide invasion sometimes later. After returning to his old mansion at Red Grave City, Vergil splits himself into two entities, one is a dying human self known as V, and another is his giant demon half known as Urizen.

Due to shedding the human side of Vergil, Urizen becomes a violent Demon King devoid of humanity. He turns greedy and power hungry, intending to destroy and gain power. According to V, Urizen becomes known as the Demon King and is stated to be even more powerful than Mundus, the Prince of Darkness and former Emperor of the Underworld. It was assumed that Urizen surpasses possibly even Argosax.

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  • The name "Urizen" comes from the English poet William Blake's mythology. Urizen is a godlike being and the embodiment of conventional reason and law.
  • The contrast between two of the cutscenes which were released prior to the full game was a certain forshadowing that Urizen and Vergil are the same. One cutscene clearly shows a broken-down and cloaked Vergil stealing Nero's devil arm, and another has V telling Nero that Urizen was the culprit of the same act.
  • Urizen can be defeated in the prologue, which leads to an alternate ending that is non-canoncial.


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