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You will regret being born useless and human! I will show you your worst nightmares! I will give you despair... and... death'!'
~ Urizen
I have no name. I am power, absolute.
~ Urizen
I have no recollection of this tale, or this place. It's all an illusion, created by this extraordinary fruit. Its power, you see, is all I ever wanted. And with this... I will have everything!
~ Urizen/Vergil to Dante before eaten the Qlipohoth Fruit.
That is nothing but the pitiful cries of those without strength. Come to me, brother... I shall enlighten you, Dante!
~ Urizen/Vergil before fighting Dante.

Urizen is the main antagonist of Devil May Cry 5. Originally, he was introduced as the main antagonist of the story as a mysterious demonic entity with a thirst for immense power. The name Urizen was given to him by V and regarded as the mysterious hooded figure who attacked Nero and took his arm.

However, in later stages of the story, it was revealed that both he and V are fragments of a revived Vergil. Years after his apparent defeat, a dying Vergil split himself into two pieces in order to fix the damages inflicted upon him. However, without Vergil's humanity holding him back, Urizen became a power-hungry demon with an insatiable thirst for becoming stronger, eventually becoming a demon emperor who was as strong as, if not worse than, Mundus.

He was voiced by Shunsuke Sakuya in Japanese version, and Daniel Southworth in English dubbed version, with the latter also voiced Vergil.


Urizen, being the demonic half of Vergil's soul, embodies his worst aspects. Unflinching in his pursuit of ever more power, he stops at nothing in his quest to become stronger. Not caring in the slightest for those he views as weak, Urizen was willing to slaughter thousands of innocent humans to achieve his goals.

While most Demons often taunt and boast about their superiority over Mankind, Urizen is stoic and reserved, maintaining an air of indifference when faced with enemies, not even bothering to rise from his throne to battle foes, most likely due to his power being something very few could ever hope to match.

However, Dante seems to understand why Urizen is the way he is, for not only is the Demon King the part of Vergil that seeks to grow in power, but also represents his desire to never again feel weak, one of Vergil's reasons for seeking ways to become stronger was his trauma from not being able to protect the ones he loved when they needed him most.

Though he indeed is mighty, Urizen is incapable of understanding how others are able to surpass him, for due to being without his humanity, he cannot grasp there are more ways to gain power besides suffering, as shown when he is perplexed by how Dante could beat him, asking him, "How can you be so powerful? You never lost anything!"



Trish: What was that demon, V? Where did it come from? Urizen is not a demon. I know that for a fact because I'm from the underworld. (notices V's crippled state) My God, what are you, then?
V: It doesn't matter. I'm a shadow of my former self who lost everything. I will tell you the story of my birth. (
the flashback of crippled Vergil returned to his childhood home after being freed from Mundus' brainwashing into Nelo Angelo flows through his mind) Suffering defeat after defeat, that man's body was reaching its limit. Breaking down. But he couldn't die yet. The man had a job that must be done: To defeat his twin brother.
Flashback!Vergil: Dante... (
stab himself with Yamato to split away his human half) "...heavy chain, that does freeze my bones around!"
V: In order to defeat his younger brother, he could only do one thing with the crumbling flesh and feelings. He needed to separate man from devil with the strength of the Yamato. And eventually, the man became a true devil. (
the flashback concluded with Vergil turns into Urizen with the helpless, newborn V watches) I've tried to hold together my crumbling flesh with what little demonic power I have left, but... I'm approaching my limit. In separating and regaining my human soul, I've realized the gravity of the crime I've committed. I've realized how important everything was... Everything I've thrown away in my pursuit of power.
Trish: Is that why you went to find Dante?
V: Yes. Foolish. I thought maybe he could change my...maybe fix... Maybe right my wrong. Tell me... Was this fool before you right?
Trish: I'm not your mommy, V. You're a big boy. (
materializes new clothes about herself in place of ones she lost) And you need to see this through. Dante's war.
~ V revealed his and Urizen's origin to Trish.

Years after his apparent death, Vergil is somehow resurrected, but dying. He soon tracked Nero as a hooded figure and rips his Devil Bringer, taking away from him and regaining his Yamato, leaving Nero to hunt him down a score to settle while fighting off the demons’ wide invasion sometimes later. After returning to his old mansion at Red Grave City, Vergil splits himself into two entities, one is a dying human self known as V, and another is his giant demon half known as Urizen.

Due to shedding the human side of Vergil, Urizen becomes a violent Demon King devoid of humanity. He turns greedy and power hungry, intending to destroy and gain power. According to V, Urizen becomes known as the Demon King and is stated to be even more powerful than Mundus, the Prince of Darkness and former Emperor of the Underworld. It was assumed that Urizen surpasses possibly even Argosax.

Devil May Cry 5

By the time of Devil May Cry, Urizen had taken control of the Demonic Tree known as the Qliphoth, which, when provided with a massive amount of human blood, would produce a fruit that granted its eater near unlimited power. Dante, alongside the Mysterious Figure known as V, backed up by Nero, Trish and Lady, arrive at the center of the Qliphoth, which had steadily been growing to encompass all of Redgrave City.

Dante arrives just in time to witness Urizen defeat Lady and Trish, where he announces the phrase "Jackpot!" To the Demon King. Recognizing his brother, Urizen fights him, easily beating the Devil Hunter and then Nero when he arrives. After delivering a punch so strong it shatters Dante's sword, Rebellion, Urizen swats his brother aside, launching him out of the Qliphoth and putting him in a coma. Announcing that the blade of his father Sparda, "No longer serves a purpose" Urizen captures Lady and Trish, turning them into the Demons Artemis and Cavaliere Angelo respectively, commenting on how fortunate it was for them to "Serve such divine purpose."

Well over a month later, Nero returns to the Qliphoth the confront the King, who is amused by how the boy came so far just to die. The two fight again, Urizen dominating for the most part up until Nero manages to deliver a cut to his hand. More angered than injured, Urizen heals the wound, finnally rising from his throne, stating that Nero would regret being born a useless human. 

Again he with little effort defeats Nero, his attempt to kill him being interrupted by the return of Dante, armed with his new sword and Devil Form. They battle, Dante eventually managing to drive his brother back. At this time, The Qliphoth finishes growing, Urizen leaving after saying that "This Incovenience...Matters not." Dante fights his way to the base of the tree, where he comes across Urizen inside an illusion of his and Dantes's old home.

Dante tries to reason with him, saying that their mother never gave up on trying to find him, all the way up until her death. Urizen brushes these comments aside, explaining that he had no memory of this place. He then eats the fruit of the Qliphoth, transforming into a more human-like visage and gaining god-like power. When Dante states that he had just lost what little humanity he had left, Urizen states that such words were, "The pitiful cries of those without strength." He then bids his brother to come forth and fight.

However, despite all of this new power, Urizen is unable to beat Dante, roaring about how he could be so strong despite that fact he, "Never lost anything"  Dante eventually gets close enough to stab Urizen in the chest, where he collapses onto his back. Nero and V arrive, the latter climbing onto Urizen's chest. It having been revealed earlier that V and Urizen are in fact the separate halves of Vergil's soul, having been divided after Vergil stabbed himself with the Yamato in an attempt to rid himself of the nightmares from his time as Nelo Angelo.

As Urizen lay dying, he defiantly claims, "I will not lose! Not to Dante! I need power, More Power!" V explains to his dark half that they are one and the same, both sharing a hatred of Dante before he stabs him with his cane, the two vanishing in a flash of light to become Vergil once again. 

Powers and Abilities

  • Supernatural Powers: As Vergil's demonic spiritual half given form, Urizen is a transcendent demon, who possess all of the abilities of Vergil and is enhanced by Yamato being fused into him. After he consumed the fruit from the Qliphoth Tree, Urizen's power greatly exceeded the power of his twin brother Dante as well as his former self, Vergil. So far, the powers he has shown are;
    • Preternatural Strength: Urizen's physical strength greatly exceeded that of previous Demon Kings. He was able to effortlessly shatter the Rebellion with a single punch. He was also able to swat a Sparda-empowered Dante out of the center of the Qliphoth and into the city's ruins.
    • Regenerative Healing: After Nero was able to slightly cut the palm of Urizen's hand, Urizen was able to instantly regenerate the damage.
    • Near Unbreakable Barrier: Through the use of an automated demonic crystal formed from the Yamato, harming Urizen is an almost impossible task, even for experienced Devil Hunters.
    • Psychokinetic Powers: He was able to generate immense levels of telekinetic force, which were able to repel and hold back powerful Devil Hunters like Dante.
    • Demonic Energy Manipulation: Urizen manifests his immense demonic powers through overwhelming waves of demonic force, bombardments of energy, spheres of plasma and powerful sweeping lasers. He also makes use of summoned swords, much like his true self does.
    • Teleportation: He can manifest portals for teleportation, which he utilized against Dante.
    • Demonic Elementalism: Urizen can manipulate demonic elements, such as manifesting blue flames from beheath his targets.
    • Time Deceleration: He is capable of creating domes which slow down time in a localized area.
    • Sentient life creation: He was capable of creating demonic lifeforms which serve him. However, unlike Mundus, he had to use Trish and Lady as cores for the powerful demons he had created.
  • Qliphoth Symbiosis: During his time at the Qliphoth's throne room, Urizen wore a rooted armor connecting him to the Qliphoth tree, making the tree itself an extension of his consciousness and demonic power. He lost his connection to the Qliphoth Tree after consuming the Qliphoth Fruit and shedding his rooted armor.
    • Blood Empowerment: During his stay at the throne room in the Qliphoth, Nico note that Urizen's constantly growing power is primarily due to his rooted armor feeding him human blood collected by the Qliphoth Tree. It was only after he shed his rooted armor, that Dante became an equal match for him.
    • Qliphoth Manipulation: Through his rooted armor, Urizen is also able to manipulate the roots of the Qliphoth Tree and use them as offensive weapons and tentacles during combat.
  • Underworld Lordship: Due to his immense powers, Urizen was able to usurp control over the Demon World within days of being created.



  • The name "Urizen" comes from the English poet William Blake's mythology. Urizen is a godlike being and the embodiment of conventional reason and law.
  • The contrast between two of the cutscenes which were released prior to the full game was a certain foreshadowing that Urizen and Vergil are the same. One cutscene clearly shows a broken-down and cloaked Vergil stealing Nero's devil arm, and another has V telling Nero that Urizen was the culprit of the same act.
  • Urizen can be defeated in the prologue, which leads to an alternate ending that is non-canonical.


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