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You can't. No one can. You can contain him, but you can't destroy him. He's been bound since before memory. It took the armies of Heaven and Hell combined to imprison him. He negates souls. Devours spiritual energy. He's the end of everything.
~ Cogliostro to Spawn and Angela about Urizen.

Urizen is a major antagonist in the Spawn series. He is an ancient, demonic deity that has existed before time itself. His sole purpose in life was to cleanse the universe by consuming the souls of many, freeing them from the circles of life and death. His mere existence alone was an act of keeping the universe in balance, by ending life entirely.

His actions grew attention to the forces of Heaven and Hell and forced them to unite together. He was eventually defeated by the two and was imprisoned by them. Despite this, he would eventually make his return years to come.



Urizen is a dark deity that has existed for eons. He was sealed away by the forces of both Heaven and Hell many years later. Writer William Blake wrote about Urizen, but no one knows how he obtained such knowledge. Even experts such as Cogliostro have a hard time knowing whether or not this information was legit but realizing that Urizen can never be destroyed only sealed away.

The Group of 13 Fanatics

A group called the 13 fanatics from England tried to release him by sacrificing one another one at a time under a full moon. They would eat one person at a time and gain their soul, in belief that this would realize Urizen. This deed went on for some time until Spawn stopped them by poisoning the body of one of the sacrifices, which caused the others to die when they devoured him.

Urizen's Release

Spawn vs Urizen.

Under the commands of Malebolgia, the freelancing demons, Ab and Zab, sought out to release Urizen themselves. The two demons took over the bodies of two humans that had died recently in a car accident with Spawn. They then entered in a nearby diner and murdered up to 13 people. These victims served as sacrifices that would be used to release Urizen from his imprisonment. Once the two set the sacrifices into blazes, a ghastly, dark smoke was released from the flames and eventually took on the form of Urizen. Urizen was now free from his imprisonment and engaged in battle with Spawn.

When Spawn first fought Urizen, Urizen quickly defeats him by impaling him through a sign and left his corpse to rot and hang. Urizen then went around every nearby town, corrupting the locals and causing them to kill each other in the name of Urizen.

Eventually, Spawn was revived by the Greenworld and, with the aid of Angela, sought out to gain information on how to defeat Urizen. After receiving information from Cogliostro and interrogating the two demons, Ab and Zab, they returned to where Urizen was. Spawn used the powers of the Greenworld to trap him so that he doesn't escape. While Angela prevents the angels of Heaven from interfering in order to prevent Armageddon from happening, Spawn deals with Urizen himself once more. Spawn was able to defeat the dark deity by sealing him beneath Earth once more with his newfound powers.

Urizen's Return

Urizen later returns again in the town of Malice after it was rebuild by its citzens. Three boys discover a shard of Urizen which allowed him to possess the three brothers. The three brothers gained demonic powers, but were unable to control it properly and instead allowed it to corrupt them easily. Spawn was able to defeat them, by exorcising Urizen's influence from them.

Powers and Abilities

Urizen's smoke form.

Being a deity that rivals the combined forces of Heaven and Hell, Urizen is a very powerful being that threatens the lives of many across the universe. He has various powers and abilities that makes him an overall godlike being.

  • Divine Power Negation: Urizen's main purpose in life was to cleanse the universe. He does this by negating the souls of many and devouring spiritual energy.
  • Immortality: Urizen cannot die from natural means, nor can he die from old age as he has lived for eons in the universe.
  • Shapeshifting: Urizen is able to take on various different forms, ranging from a dark, ghastly smoke to a large beast.
  • Possession: Urizen's mere presence alone can take over the possession of others and cause them to harm each other. He can also take possession of others while he is sealed away.
  • Superhuman Strength: Urizen has shown that his strength easily surpasses Spawn as he initially defeated him with his sheer strength alone.
  • Superhuman Durability: Urizen's sheer bulk has shown that he can tank various attacks from Spawn himself, after after being empowered by the Greenworld.
  • Regeneration: As part of his immortality, Urizen can regenerate from any wounds that would be considered lethal.
  • Penance Stare: Should one were to ever stare directly in Urizen's eyes will cause them to go into a state of madness, as the many souls he's devoured on are placed in a state of limbo where they wander around endlessly.



  • Urizen is based on the deity of the same name from the real life William Blake and his stories.


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