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You can't. No one can. You can contain him, but you can't destroy him. He' been bound since before memory. It took the armies of Heaven and Hell combined to imprison him. He negates souls. Devours spiritual energy. He's the end of everything.
~ Cogliostro to Spawn and Angela about Urizen.

Urizen is a villain in the Spawn series. He is a dark deity older than time itself and even existed before Heaven and Hell before sealed away until being summoned by Ab and Zab. He was based on the deity of William Blake's mythology of the same name. He was so powerful that Heaven and Hell worked together to seal him away.



Urizen is a dark deity older than memory even older than heaven and hell possibly before the universe of even formed. Long ago he was sealed away by the forces of both Heaven and Hell. For some reason, Writer William Blake wrote about Urizen but no one seemed to know how he obtains such knowledge. Even Experts such as Coglistro have a hard time knowing whether or not this information was legit but realizing that Urizen can never be destroyed only sealed away.

Urizen's Return

A group called 13 fanatics from England tried to realize him by sacrificing one another one at a time under a full moon. They Would Then Eat the one person's soul and gain their powers. Their belief that this would realize Urizen until Spawn stopped them. Eventually, Ab and Zab had sacrificed 13 victims and eventually, free Urizen. When Spawn First fought Urizen he quickly defeats him and goes on to corrupt and posses civilians to kill themselves in his name.

Eventually, Spawn was revived by the Greenworld and seals Urizen away. Urizen later returns again in the town of malice after it was rebuild and the citizens were not remembering their possession by Urizen. Three boys discover a shard of Urizen which allows him to possess the three brothers until Spawn Stops him again.

Powers and Abilities

Urizen is a very powerful foe much difficult for Spawn to handle. He existed before Heaven and Hell possibly even before the Spawn universe was even born.


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