Urshrek is a villain in the Spawn spin off Spawn:Godslayer. 


Urshrek is the winter king demi god and is also known as the lord of the fo\rost and withering. Brian the Godslaying hellspawn was tasked to kill him.urshrek is a cannibalistic god who feeds on mortals and even lies to them about the summer king when it was really him who has no intetion to end the winter. He forces them to worship him or else he will devour them. Bairn later fights him and as he was about to be defeated he decides to sucide attack to take him with him but it fails and Bairn kills him freeing his victiums in the progress. He was the first villain in the Spawn:God Slayer series.

Powers and Ablilties

Being a demi-god Urshrek has super-human strenght,speed,stamina,and Durability. He also has the ability to control Ice.

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